April 23th - International Book's Day

Antonio La Paralela
abril 23, 2020
Tiempo de lectura: 3 minutos

There are hundreds of initiatives to promote free reading (such as book interchanging) and we find them all formidable, but these Covid days we would like to support the work of small bookstores, which are having such a hard time. So if you know a bookstore near you, try to buy your next book there or see if they have an active digital platform.


It was in one April 23 (international book’s day) when great icons of universal literature such as Miguel de Cervantes, William Shakespeare, Inca Garcilaso de La Vega or Josep Pla died, making this day “book’s day”. We would love to make some recommendations. As we believe that with regard to narrative literature you will have hundreds of suggestions, we will focus on what most characterizes Per Purr.


Yesterday, April 22, was also Earth Day and to commemorate the specialness of all our surroundings and the wonders that nature offers us, nothing like starting with ‘Plants that heal’ by Fabienne Millet and Sioux Bergel (Lunwerg Ediciones). As its name indicates, this book will be very useful as a practical guide on the benefits of more than 40 different plants and how you should use them to take care of yourself both mentally and physically. Never forget that the power of plants is also in their aromas and always remember to protect your environment, just as nature gives us all its riches and cares for us.



Since we have mentioned the matter of the mind we cannot miss this occasion to mention ‘The Tree of Yoga: Yoga Vriksa’ (Kairos). Through a fresh reading its author, B.K.S. Iyengar, mixes the philosophical part of yoga with your practice. Remember that knowing the theoretical basis is essential to find balance. Therefore, whether you are already started in yoga or want to start, we recommend that you keep this book close by as a guide.



The environment is another fundamental element in our lives. Now more than ever, we are aware of the importance of our homes and the arrangement of spaces. So, we want you to enjoy the combinations made by Hans Blomquist in en The Natural home ’(Rayland Peters). The stylist and art director creates a path of connection between the environment and nature thanks to the selection of textures, colors, plants and, of course, simplicity.



Speaking of the beauty of homes, we consider that it is also important to highlight our own. ‘I do take care of myself’ Patricia Pérez (Aguilar) is a perfect option if you want to know a little more about natural cosmetics, their benefits and the ingredients you should avoid in your body.



To finish, we go to an option that you may have to look for in the library or in a second-hand bookstore. Although we know that ‘Allure. Confessions of a beauty editors' by Linda Wells, it may seem like a bit outdated proposal (2006) and that we also don't know of any translated version, we would love for you to read the advice of this expert editor in beauty. Although there are now many accounts that tell us about beauty tricks, the truth is that not everything is always shown.



Stay home, relax, do yoga, play apothecaries or take care of your skin, but above all, don't stop reading!


Happy book day!

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