Black and Brown skin: myths and tips

Antonio La Paralela
mayo 31, 2016
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Black and Brown women have to take special measurements to keep their skin healthy and happy.
There are so many misconceptions and myths surrounding women of color and their skin, and frankly, it’s time we clear them up! Black skin is arguably more sensitive and delicate than less pigmented skin, and consequently, black women invest both time and energy into keeping their natural glow!

Black skin is arguably more sensitive and delicate than less pigmented skin

Black skin is arguably more sensitive and delicate than less pigmented skin

Finding products that work specifically with Brown and Black skin isn’t always easy to do, and finding a brand that specializes in natural, and organic raw materials can be even more challenging especially when living abroad!
Here are 3 myths about Black skin, and tips to keep your skin clean, moisturized, and looking its best.
1. Black skin doesn't get irritated
This couldn’t be farther from the truth. Just because you don’t see redness doesn’t mean that harsh chemicals can’t affect Black skin.
It’s important to use products that are all-natural and complement your skin type. Black skin can in fact get irritated and dry. Using oils like coconut, argan, or a combination of soothing essential oils is crucial for Black skin.
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2. Black skin is oily
This is another myth. Melanin is what provides the rich color to Black skin, not oil. In fact, Black and Brown skin is prone to dryness.
Using a non-harsh cleanser and exfoliate that also has oil does wonders for our skin! Per Purr’s Salts Selection Exfoliant is the perfect balance as it also has almond and macadamia oil in it. It exfoliates, without drying.
3. All Black skin is the same
False! Melanin gives Black and Brown skin a variety of colors and also specific needs. Oily, dry, acne-prone, mixed; there are so many possibilities.
The great thing about Per Purr is that there is a large variety of products to try! No matter what, the ingredients are organic and natural, so you can’t go wrong!
All Black skin is the same: false!

All Black skin is the same: false!


  • Clean (Don’t be afraid to clean with natural oils) 
  • Exfoliate 
  • Moisturize 
  • And always, always use sunscreen  

Post written by Danni Roseman, co-founder of Las Morenas de España

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