Do you need some reasons to start? Here you have them:
It helps eliminate the "trash".
The idea behind dry brushing is to make your lymphatic system ‘move’, which helps your body to metabolize and eliminate toxins left inside. Lymphatic congestion causes inflammation, so massaging the lymph nodes will help the body eliminate the excess of water and toxins. Bye, bye!
It improves blood flow.
No wonder, skin brushing makes the blood flow. This increased circulation helps supply oxygen and nutrients to your cells and also transport metabolic wastes. Poor circulation can cause swelling, pain and varicose veins.
It softens cellulite.
Dry brushing can help soften fat deposits under the skin, minimizing the appearance of cellulite. That is the theory, and we have tested it in our own butts!

Exfoliates the skin.
A dry brushing routine is also ideal for exfoliating your skin, as it will remove dead skin and unclog pores from top to bottom. That will not only give you softer skin, but it will also facilitate the absorption of the products you apply later.
Wake up the nervous system.
Dry brushing arouses the nervous system by invigorating and stimulating nerve endings in the skin. It will also improve your skin tone! Stimulating the nervous system will also stimulate your muscle fibers, which will create a muscle tone that helps counteract sagging skin.

So, are you ready?

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