To be an entrepreneur is a challenge by itself.

And it’s not one of the little ones. Most of the time, for those who watch from outside, it looks like a life filled with freedom. I will not deny that the freedom is present, but for many it also becomes a kind of prison. In working hours. In a vicious cycle of wanting to be there for all customers, all the time. There is no pause to breath. After all, your effort has a direct impact on your results. The market is moving on speedy mode.


A miscalculated step can have an irreparable effect at the end of the month.

It's a real roller coaster ride. Which cannot be standed by all minds, hearts and spirits. High and low tides. Being right and wrong. Focus and determination. To fall and to rise. Discipline and productivity.

To have insecurities, but still look at yourself in the mirror every morning and say: "you can do it." Get sick, and still show up for work. Every day is a working day. As a great system, each piece that moves has an impact and has a direct reflex on the other parts that are interconnected.

Yes, companies work that way too. They are also part of complex systems. I am well aware of the complexity of everything, but somehow I feel there is a little more structure in a way. The free fall of the roller coaster is a bit smaller. At least in most cases. Yes, there are exceptions and all environments have their challenges, but today I can only speak with authority of my own experience - as an entrepreneur - and a woman.

To be independent

To be creative

To be an artist


To be young

And to walk around by myself...

In coffee places, restaurants, meeting rooms - tête-à-tête - or some filled with executives.

Kalina Juzwiak blog per purr

To have talks and negotiate with women and men of all ages. Of all disciplines. Of all positions. With friends and family. To stand with determination, but also to be flexible. Be firm and friendly at the same time. To be strong and sensitive.

There is one question though that comes up frequently:

 Have you ever suffered from any prejudice for being a woman entrepreneur?

Yeap, for sure.

Although women have been allowed to work for many decades and the number of women  entrepreneur is growing by the day,

it is still a mostly masculine - and sexist - ecosystem. In my opinion the general daily behavior of the market is still outdated. How many times did I not enter spaces or rooms, where all eyes turned to me.

Some interested in my appearance, others raise curious eyes with that look: "what is this girl doing here? "

No, this is not an assumption, I have heard this many times from them, after they got to meet me properly. They were all judgments at first glance. Others do not even bother to look - or even say hello in a proper way - unless someone introduces us - and even so, sometimes I’m not taken serious, until I get to prof how serious I am.

I've been called to meetings just by my looks. Just for being a woman. Interests that went beyond work. I've been rejected for jobs because I'm a woman - "she won’t handle it."

kalina juzwiak blog per purr

Yes, I was the first choice, but sometimes a difficulty in the project asks for “a male option”. Not necessarily, I say. And in other scenarios, I’ve been the choice, exactly for being a woman, or by my looks as it will “draw some more attention, because of that” or for that classic one

“for people to see that we do put women in projects."

Yeap, I’ve heard that one too.

Moral harassments are present on a daily basis. And the physical ones too. I've never experienced anything on this line - and I'm grateful for that, but I do know women who have been through it more than once. I cannot report for them, but these scenarios do exist - and more often than we can imagine. And I must say that this makes me extremely uncomfortable.


I did accept many jobs in such uneasy scenarios,

but I've already rejected many as well. And when I am able too, I do bring it up, to position myself, to show that I’m not up to those kind of judgements. And nor are other women. I’ve put myself out there. I had to be strong. And today I also know I’ve put a mask on.

For a long time I have had a battle with myself to prove to the market that I am an entrepreneur that goes beyond a beautiful face.

I have studied, I have built a business, I argued to show that I could be valued by my brain and not by my body. I wore clothes that covered me. I crossed my arms. I walked discreetly so as not to be so perceived. I was serious and very direct - a little too much sometimes.

A constant fight for territory. I was accepted. I gained space,

until one day I realized that I was fighting against myself too.

kalina juzwiak blog perr purr

And that was devastating at first. I was denying who I really was, because of a sexist environment.

I was afraid of my own appearance. I was afraid the harassment would go beyond the eyes and cheap words I’ve heard. But with that, I also unlearned how to be open to compliments. As if I did not want to be called beautiful - but rather a professional. I did not want them to say my smile was beautiful - but I wanted them to recognize my intelligence.

I did not want them to look at me as a woman, but as a professional.

The armour started building up successfully, but I was rejecting my own instinct. An effective protection system that got me disconnected from my own essence. At first signs of an interest beyond my brain, I closed myself, and just got away. I might have protected myself from some bad cases, but I’m also sure I’ve turned away interesting people, possibilities and opportunities.


I changed my behavior - and even my personality - because of this environment.

At the cost of what? Or whom? The comments continued, the looks too, the prejudice is always there. And me? I denied my true essence. I denied my looks. I was hiding. I was afraid.

kalina juzwiak blog per purr

What has changed?

I understand that I do not need to fight for territory. That I am who I am. That I do not need - and should not - be ashamed of it.

That I can actually use this to my advantage. "Uh, I'm going to gamify that!" - was my conclusion one day - after really working on deconstructing my own belief around it. I said that aloud even, jumping up and down in the living room of my house. (Yes, I have a bouncing inner child, and I've locked her up for a long time.) The same adrenaline rushed in my blood. Men use their powers for being men. Why can’t we use ours as women?

The prejudice, discrimination, difficulty in being a woman in this environment really does exist, but I have learned not to blame men for it, or rather not to blame anyone for it - not even myself - but to see things from another perspective and to create a new reality.

Yes I am a woman.

I am Independent


An Artist

Who looks young,

And I do walk around by myself...

I use my smile to open doors.

I use my charm to break the ice.

My sarcasm to get some smiles going

I use elegance to move around in environments and situations.

My strength to position myself.

I use my patience to observe, to listen, before saying anything.

My intelligence to discuss, negotiate and influence situations in my favor.

I use my sensitivity to feel the situations and to put myself in the best position within that scenario.

Hard and loving words at the same time.

A firm handshake, but a hug that softens any heart.

I raise my head.

I look into their eyes.

I do not change paths (unless I really do feel danger in a situation)

I am learning to walk in a confident way.

I'm going after what I want.

And I make it very clear what that is.

 I've been studying behaviors. And, even if deep down my heart is pounding faster than normal and the legs are wobbly, I gamify my experiences.

And you know what I learned from this?

That men feel intimidated.

Of us  - strong and determined women.

They really do.

And they run away.

An important side note:


Today I have shared the difficulties, but I do need to leave the note that there are incredible men too, who see beyond the genre.

Who respect and value who we are. And I do admire, value and respect in return.

These men also give us strength to keep going, to believe in a better scenario, and to not be afraid to be an entrepreneur - and a woman at the same time.

Kalina Juzwiak Blog Per Purr

More than living from art, Kalina Juzwiak chooses to live her art, every day. Her creations directly reflect the way she lives: the precision and fluidity of her lines are also the discipline and creativity present in her everyday life.


The beauty of everyday things

We live in an era in which, most of the time, we turn the focus to our daily concerns. From small decisions about what to eat in the next meal to big issues within the companies we work in, or even our relationships. So many worries. The truth is there is not much to do about that (sorry). We are all immersed in long to-do lists, holding back to fears and scars from the past, and getting anxious about what will happen tomorrow. Unfortunately, this is part of our contemporary reality. But, I’m not saying we all doomed. It can be different - in the details. And I’d love to show you how.

Let’s go a little back in time - not as far as the dinosaurs - just a little. Right before we had the internet at all. And this is not too long ago. Before we were excessively connected, do you remember what we used to do in between items of our to-do list, or even when still lying in bed? In the morning, or at night? Well, we didn’t have social media back then, or crazy WhatsApp groups, or (not) funny memes, spams, and a lot more - as you know. What did we do? Do you still remember? Maybe we had interesting conversations, dinner took a little longer, a book was always lying on our bedside, we just enjoyed the softness of our sheets before getting out of bed, or even looked at our partners lying right next to us, caressed their hair, made love. To them, or even to ourselves. We prepared a nice cup of coffee, to share in bed, or to just drink it while looking out the window. Maybe we called our mother, just to tell her we are alright, after yesterday’s crazy partying. And what is so different right now? Instead of books, we have our cellphone right there. Instead of partners, we have millions of people that we follow, right there. All of them with their interesting lives, that makes us compare to others first thing in the morning. We might still brew a nice cup of coffee, but we are more worried about taking a nice picture and posting it already - so others can look at it from their bed, and think “oh she’s up, and is already having her coffee”. And we forget to actually feel the smell of that fresh coffee and to hear the birds singing out there. We are forgetting to observe, contemplate, to be present. To be ourselves. And really - but really - do exactly what we like to, what inspires us, when we open our eyes.



The fact that the sun comes out every morning is a true blessing. It means the whole system out there is working perfectly. Nature is working perfectly for us to feel alive. To contemplate and be part of it. Every morning brings beauty right there in front of us. 

But, unfortunately, WE are too drowned in our own minds, being flooded with nutrient-free food, by an excessive concern for an image, a lack of truth, authenticity, and vulnerability.

And I say WE - because I am also a human, and although I have a pretty healthy and creative lifestyle, I also slip into these patterns from time to time. However, I have created a few strategies, and implemented a few things as part of my daily routine - that take me out of those patterns, and brings me back to my self. I would like to share with you some of these thoughts and actions, so maybe you, can also feel the beauty growing from within, feel more alive, and connected to yourself every day.

One of the great elements that have this power over humanity is beauty. It has the power to feed us, to move us and inspire us. As the philosopher, Roger Scruton once said: "Through art, and through music, we are able to face the things that concern us. We find comfort and peace in their presence. Through the capacity of beauty, we redeem our suffering. We amplify our joy and find consolation for our sorrows. We find harmony. A point between the real and the ideal.”



Let’s start like this. Do you know that music that you really love? Not the heavy metal that makes you jump up and down (that’s for another moment), but rather music that immediately makes you want to close your eyes, and just feel it - going through your body. I’d like to ask you to turn on that music now - before you read any further. If by any chance, you can’t think of a melody right now, I’d like to share one with you. Click - right here - if you have headphones I’d suggest you put them on (those powerful noise-canceling ones? Even better). And close your eyes until the melody stops.

L i s t e n    t o   e v e r y    n o t e.

When you open your eyes, I’d like you to observe your body. Your mind. Your heart. How do you feel?

Music is one of the most powerful tools for inspiration. It is beauty right there - in our ears, our brain, and throughout our body. Beauty is contemplation. Is appreciation. 

Beauty is love. If we allow ourselves to take off our filtered sunglasses or biased eyes. All we have to do is slow down, observe, and take it all in. And that means, making the time for that. And that doesn't mean, take time to go to a museum or a concert, but rather make time inside your routine, for silence. It's not about procrastinating or being idle. It's really about paying attention to your surroundings. There is composition, inspiration, and beauty all around us. In the food that we intake, in the way, we settle our tools, our homes, in the way we connect to other humans, how we feel a cold breeze touching our skin. Or how leaves and clouds dance with just a little burst of wind. Little insects crawling on the floor, carrying leaves bigger than them on their backs. The way the sun comes into our windows when we open our eyes. The shadows dancing on your wall. Your soft skin and hair, just lying down on your sheets. The warm smell of coffee filling up our lungs.

There is so much to see - and to feel. And it is up to us, to disconnect from the noises around us - even if only for ten minutes in our days - to connect to the compositions and melodies that bring us back - to ourselves. 

Feed your mind, your soul, your body, and emotions with beauty.

Believe me, it is worth it.



Music can be used as a great trigger to train your mind for different situations. It becomes an anchor for you to “fall into a certain emotion” really fast. I use it a lot - and for that I have created different playsuits that immediately take me to certain moods - such as connection to the self, focus to work, to run, to train, to just dance alone in my living room when I feel the need to just let things out. The music you heard up there is part of my playlist that inspires me. That I hear while contemplating nature when I choose not to just hear silence. It is also a playlist that I hear in the middle of my routine - like you did - just to bring me back to the center and to connect to my own inspiration. And I’d like to share this playlist with you - right here. Maybe it’s not the style of music that inspires you, but maybe it is, or maybe it can just be the trigger for you to create your own inspiring playlist. It’s all up to you.


There is no shortage of theories about what it means to be healthy or to take care of your health these days. The fact that the range of novelties and trends is already enormous, and now 2020 added something else to the pile: How to be healthy in the midst of a pandemic? What does it look like to be healthy in our ‘new normal’?
Every day, a new trend emerges, and what was once labeled healthy, now science says you can’t be sure. When we ask ourselves what it means to be healthy, the answer is full of paradoxes, making it all too confusing.
What food should we eat? But is it really natural? What does “natural” mean, anyway? Why choose organic? Do we pay more if it’s local? Is it salt-free, sugar-free, gluten-free, wheat-free, lactose-free? Have you checked to see if what you consume is not tested on animals? Is it cruelty-free, plastic-free and biodegradable?

You’ve probably already asked yourself at least some of these questions and that is normal, since we live in a world where we are saturated with “information overload” 24/7.
A homeopath once recommended that I take an oatmeal bath to help improve my allergy symptoms. I thought he was joking, but he wasn’t.
Just recently green tea was the cure-all, then it was quinoa. Last year, valerian was the solution to sleep, but today, it’s melatonin.
Don’t forget about the many miracles of coconut oil, then chia seeds quickly took the stage. Oh – and then there was grapefruit seed extract. 
Suddenly, the fountain of youth was found in aloe juice, smoothies, goji berries, matcha tea - and who can live without spirulina? Not to mention the latest healthy trends in the world: intermittent fasting and 3-day liquid detox. You don’t detox? You’re SO out. (JUST KIDDING!).
This is all to say that knowing what’s what when it comes to health is not easy. Everything I mentioned above does have its place in the conversation about health, but it’s hard to keep up. Grilled salmon is healthy today, but tomorrow we might find out that it’s toxic and we should avoid it.
For this and other reasons, there is no single answer to what it means to be healthy today. There is no recipe.
Surely it is important to keep yourself informed and set out to change habits that do not benefit you. Watching your diet and exercise is part of the “healthy (and happy) life” package. Besides, science has proven that body, mind and spirit play a factor in our health.
There is still a whole world to discover, but we don’t want to go crazy, so we’ll share what we believe can guide us in this sea of possibilities:

  1. Natural (without going to the extreme)

This “trend” is by no means new and continues to be relevant. We recommend that you invite natural foods to take up more space in your kitchen.

The journey towards a healthier life starts with vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds. Like in the old days. So say goodbye to processed foods and additives. Say hello to new sources of energy from nature or even from your own garden, if you can.
Remember that we don’t want to let our obsession with diet take over our lives, since the pleasures of life are also related to food. So, natural, but not too extreme.

  1. Move (in a way that makes you happy)

Everyone has a different lifestyle. You may not be into yoga, but you love to swim. In other words, the task is to find out how you like to move. There are tons of healthy workouts: walking 30 minutes a day or riding a bike are also simple and efficient physical activities.

It’s not the results that matter, it’s the journey that gets you there. What good is strong and curvy body if you’re not happy moving it?

  1. Healthy Mind, Healthy Body

Feeling at home inside your body is not achieved through regular physical activity alone. Mental health also plays a very important role.
There are many ways to take care of the mind, be it through meditation, therapy, hypnosis, holistic treatments, or something else. Relaxing and focusing completely on yourself is fundamental and works like a charm.


  1. Skin, hair and clothing

We start with diet, body and mind, then we get to our skin, hair and the clothing we wear, which is also part of our day-to-day. What kinds of soaps and cosmetics do you use? Where do you buy them? What are your clothes and accessories made of?
Only by asking these kinds of questions, can we rethink how and where we can improve our habits.
It is not an easy task, but we invite you to think about each of these topics, making changes as needed, little by little. Adapt your routine to improve your health through diet, exercise or meditation, we leave it up to you.
Challenges can also be our allies. Drink 2 liters of water a day and get your 8 hours at night, that might help you eat a balanced and healthy diet. But we must never lose sight of the fun and pleasure in life, in the end they say that life is too short, and 2020 will be hard to forget, so enjoy life, either with a glass of champagne or a chamomile tea!

A mis 34 años y 30 días, exactamente cumplidos, estaba leyendo el libro “Red lipstick" de Rachel Felder. Iba por la página 30 que en su reverso tiene nada menos que una foto de Madonna en el 83, enseñando (con un labial rojo anaranjado) a qué venía ella al mundo.



 Era mi segunda lectura del libro. La primera, noches antes, me generó inquietud; al sentir unas ganas incontrolables de irme al baño a probar la muestra del labial rojo de ShiseidoRouge Rouge RD501 Ruby Copper” que me dieron muchos meses antes. Como mi inquietud solo aumentaba, a las diez menos cuarto de la noche me levanté de la cama decidida a pasarme ¡POR PRIMERA VEZ EN MI VIDA! un labial rojo.

Sí, sí, ya lo sé, ¿a los 34? Pues sí. La verdad, nunca lo había intentado. En realidad fue como un choque pues, en mi cabeza, ese sensual gesto de pasar un labial era un don heredado por todas las que poseen un XX en su formación genética. ¡Venía de fábrica!  Al menos eso era lo que pensaba y ya te digo que NO.

A mis 34 años y 30 días descubrí que ¡NO SABÍA APLICAR UN LABIAL! El único labial que tengo es de la marca Chanel, color “Etérnel 118 Velvet Extreme”, o más bien dicho color boca.



Porque “Este tono está de moda.” “¡Es todo un clásico!” “Te pega más el beige”. “No tienes edad para esto.” “Las mujeres con labial rojo son vulgares”.

Pero, si te soy sincera, era porque tenía vergüenza. Vergüenza de ser diferente, de que la gente me mirara, me notara, me viera… A mí, tal y como soy.

La verdad es que creo que casi todas las chicas y mujeres pasamos o vamos a pasar en algún momento por esta triste reflexión, aunque nos quedemos perplejas y no entendamos por qué.

Sin entrar en el tema del machismo, que tenía y desafortunadamente sigue teniendo la opinión de que una mujer que lleva un labial rojo es una mujer sin valor. Yo más bien lo veo como una amenaza al sistema patriarcal.

En realidad, una mujer con los labios rojos es una mujer con la autoestima que todas deberíamos llevar en cada gesto. La admiramos, no llegamos a entender su misterio, su magnetismo que, por unos segundos, nos para en medio de la calle para notarla. La estimamos, la adoramos, quisiéramos tener su coraje por cometer esa “osadía”.



Conociendo, más o menos, el argumento del libro (spoiler alert), sabemos que habla de la importancia que el maquillaje (o autocuidado) tiene en la vida de una persona. Como una rutina de cariño hacia ti mismo.

Sabemos que durante la Segunda Guerra Mundial, el labial rojo fue todo un éxito. Que Winston Churchill (ex-primer ministro del Reino Unido) promovió este accesorio como manera de mantener la autoestima de sus guerreras (fuera y dentro de los campos de guerra) para que se sintieran poderosas y que pudieran seguir.

Al fin, una mujer que lleva un labial rojo, tiene otro caminar, otra mirada. Tiene una fuerza inimaginable de conquistar el mundo y asusta a los demás,  sobre todo a los que no tienen el coraje de enfrentarle la mirada.

Sé que este post es muy diferente del estilo Per Purr en general, donde hablamos sobre belleza, bienestar y otros tips. Un pensamiento gracioso y divertido para todos vosotros que nos seguís. Pues estoy segura de que tú, sí tú, que me lees, ya pasaste o pasarás por este momento.

En esta época de Covid-19, me apetecía compartir algo ligero, divertido y a anecdótico de mi vida. Que veas que detrás de Per Purr no existen solo productos que huelen bien y alimentan tu piel. Quería que supieras que somos un equipo de PERSONAS pasando por exactamente lo mismo que todos vosotros.

¿Algún tip? Seguro que mañana algunas iréis a la 'ofi' o al mercado con un labial rojo, ¡listas para conquistar el mundo!



Revered as divinities or repudiated as a symbol of evil. The truth is that the story of our dear cats is almost enigmatic as they are, but why are we telling you this?

In case someone has overlooked, the Per Purr symbol and icon it is a cat. The reason is not only that Tahone Jacobs (co-founder of Per Purr) is a cat lover of, but we believe that they are a great example of self-care.

Another great feature that does not go unnoticed in these curious animals is the general state of calm in which they live, since they spend most of their time enjoying the peaceful protection of home.

There are many theories on the coexistence between cats and man and, although the dates continue to change, it cannot be denied that this species, known for its seven lives, has shared its existence with people for more than 10,000 years. So we want to take this opportunity to demystify that cats are "uncaring", bring bad luck or reject human company. Since these statements seem to be more related to the terrible theories of the Middle Ages, used to justify cat torture.

A very curious fact is that 90% of the cat's brain is similar to ours, since they have the same regions dedicated to emotions as we do. It may be for this reason that they are so insightful when it comes to feeling the emotional state of those who share their environment and for this reason, they are also very helpful in therapy with children and people with emotional and social problems.

Although we are not going to stay only on the emotional side, the truth is that one of the great facets that fostered the relationship between cats and people was the hunting of rodents, that is why the cat is also associated with fortune and good, because thanks to cats the crops came out ahead. However, it was the Egyptians who had the greatest fame when evaluating the independent, noble and (again) sensitive character of small cats. In addition to their outstanding hygiene, with which they stimulate circulation and refresh the skin.


"Cats have absolute emotional honesty: Humans, for some reason, can hide their feelings, but a cat cannot." - Ernest Hemingway


Associated with the charisma there is something that makes them very unique over the rest of the animals, and it is not the fact that they walk and run moving the 4 legs in the same direction (this is also achieved by giraffes and camels). The purr (purr in English) is, without a doubt, another of the mysterious wonders around cats.

The peculiarities and effects of this action have been discussed and discussed on a large number of occasions. French veterinarian Jean-Yves Gauchet has demonstrated, under the name of purr therapy, that the sound of purring stimulates the neurons that produce serotonin (the well-known hormone of happiness).

Whether or not it is due to the power generated by the vibration of the purr, it is true that this act manages to transmit a great feeling of calm and well-being in people. And it is that the purr is not used by cats only as an expression of well-being, They are used as a calming tool in stressful situations or to accelerate their healing process after suffering fractures or wounds.

For these and many more reasons, at Per Purr we are unconditional cat lovers  and therefore we also recommend that you be a little more “cat”, pamper yourself, relax and, if you want, also purr with pleasure.


Todos sabemos que el baño tiene poder revigorizante, pero de alguna manera tenemos asociado que eso solo se logra con el típico baño en la bañera, con sales, velas, música ambiente y mucha espuma – que nos apasiona –, pero seamos realistas ¿quién tiene tiempo para tomar uno así todos los días?

¡Pues aquí estamos nosotros para redefinir el concepto del baño revigorizante! y convencerte de que 5 minutos son suficientes para que desconectes y recargues las pilas para afrontar el día a día con renovados ánimos.

Sobre el plato de la ducha, te proponemos volver la mirada hacia ti mismo. Entrégate a la sensación del agua deslizándose sobre tu cuerpo. Coge la pastilla de jabón y observa cómo se siente tenerla entre las manos, acariciando tu piel, desprendiendo un olor que te traslada a dónde tú decidas. Escucha con atención el sonido que el agua produce al caer llevándose consigo todo lo que te sobra.

¡Creednos! 300 segundos bajo el chorro de agua de la ducha alcanzan para dejar a un lado el estrés, la tensión y las preocupaciones que se comen nuestro día a día y nos consumen por dentro.



Se suele decir que los viajes nos transforman, y nosotros estamos totalmente de acuerdo. De lo que no nos habíamos dado cuenta es que no hace falta esperar a las vacaciones para transformarte: cualquier viaje tiene este poder renovador si así lo decidimos. Es más, ¡podemos hacerlo todos los días si queremos!

De acuerdo, suena exagerado, pero sí, para nosotros el baño es un viaje… aunque rápido y dentro de un plato de ducha. También se suele decir que la vida es una sucesión de elecciones, nosotros lo vemos así y te retamos, ¿por qué no estar de vacaciones por un rato, todos los días?

5 minutos al día para regalarlos a ti los tienes y lo sabes, solo has de lograr parar y probar a disfrutar a diario del “5 minute reset shower”.

Para eso Per Purr cuenta con una línea de 11 jabones divididos en tres familias olfativas: florales, herbales y especias. Elige uno según tu estado de ánimo, déjate envolver por su olor y verás qué cinco minutos al día es más que suficiente para dejar de lado todo lo tóxico que te contamina y limpiarte por dentro y por fuera.


The most common feedback we hear about our products at PerPurr is “they smell so good!” We hear that a lot. We receive emails. Our customers tell us. Our partners say it. The delivery man who picks up our packages every day comments on it...
We get the message: it’s your favorite part about Per Purr, the first thing that jumps out at you, and we are super proud of this! Want to know why smell memory is so strong?
Our sense of smell plays an active role in our lives. It alerts us of danger, it evokes memories and emotions. It seduces us... In fact, we can distinguish among a billion different aromatic notes. Wow!
You could say that an aroma is worth a thousand words. Aromas precede us, define us, and change us: fragrances are part of who we are, they tell our personal history. They are an emotional connection, memories associated with a specific moment, and can set off an emotional blast from the past.
The only undeniable fact is that as humans, we like to relieve the nice moments in life.
Unfortunately, life is not just full of good memories. A smell associated with a bad experience is usually immediately rejected - that’s how strong our brain’s reaction is.
Whenever we create a product, we try to make it evoke a sensation.
Like being in a dense, dewy forest.
A sunny Saturday morning.
A dessert.
The smell of citrus after the rain.
Moments that evoke happiness, this is what our ‘5 minute reset shower’, philosophy is based on. All you need is 5 minutes under the water with aromas that have the power to energize you, to reset your mood or unload a day’s stress. Are you in?

1- Wake up early
It’s the best way to start the day! Waking up early helps you be more productive and feel less stressed, so you can organize your day calmly ahead of time. There’s nothing worse than waking up startled by your alarm.
Tip: Choose a pleasant alarm.
2- Breathe, stretch and meditate
In order to start your day relaxed, it is quite important that you give yourself time to breathe calmly, meditate and stretch. By dedicating this small amount of time in the morning, you’ll be able to energize yourself and face any kind of situation that comes your way.
Tip: Spend 1 minute doing 7 breaths, inhaling for 5 seconds and exhaling for 6.
3 – Move
Morning exercise improves blood flow to your brain, increasing productivity and performance throughout the day.
Whether it’s 15 or 30 minutes of exercise, the idea is to move your body and leave laziness behind!

4 - Don’t skip breakfast. Ever.
We all know this, but... when we’re in a rush, we skip breakfast. Make time for breakfast during your morning, nutrition is the first step to well-being.
5 - Prepare your day in advance
Making too many stressful decisions in the morning can drain your energy. Look for ways to automate some decisions, such as choosing your clothes, preparing your gym bag or making lunch the day before.
Tip: We take it to the next level, and recommend avoiding social networks in the morning… you can check them later in the day.
6 - Priorities. Yes, priorities.
Choose a few priorities for your day and you will see that you can be more productive. Start with questions like: What do I want to do today? How do I want to feel today? What would I like to avoid today?
Tip: It may help to write them down.
7 - Stay positive!
Attitude plays an important role in our day. Deciding yes! – I am going to have a good day – is the key to a good start in the morning. Unexpected events may arise, but you can’t control everything.
As Sartre said, “Man is free in a given situation and through that situation he chooses what he will be.”
So, how are you going to start tomorrow?

Some people amuse themselves with a cup of tea, others sing their favorite song. Both are pleasures that last a few minutes, in the blink of an eye.
Here at Per Purr we believe in the magic of these fleeting moments, which is why we would like to introduce our “5 minute reset shower” manifesto.
Everyone knows that a bath can be refreshing, but we have somehow convinced ourselves that this can only be achieved with a the typical bath with bath salts, candles, ambient music and bubbles – which we love – but realistically, who has time to take a bath like that every day?
Well, here we are, ready to redefine the concept of a refreshing bath, to convince you that 5 minutes is enough to disconnect and recharge your batteries, so you can tackle your day with renewed energy, and the desire for more!
While you’re alone in the shower, here’s our challenge to you: resist the urge to constantly stare at your iPhone screen and shift your gaze inward.

Screen Shot 2016-02-17 at 18.47.41

5 minut reset shower: recharge your battery!

Surrender yourself to the feeling of water gliding over your body. Take the soap and observe how it feels in your hands, caressing your skin, reaching every corner of your body, leaving a scent that takes you to your happy place.
Relax, disconnect, enjoy. Listen carefully to the sound the water makes when it falls, taking the weight and stress of your day away with it.
Trust us! Just 300 seconds under the shower stream and you’ll leave stress, tension and nagging worries behind.
They say that traveling transforms you, and we completely agree. But what we discovered is that you don’t need to wait for vacation for transformation – any journey has this renewing power if we want it to. And guess what? You can take a journey every day if you want!
Ok, it may seem exaggerated, but yes, for us, the shower is a journey. Albeit fast and within the confines of your shower. They also say that life is made up of a series of choices, we see it that way and we challenge you: why not take a vacation for even a short while, every day?
No, we won’t take any excuses! You can give yourself five minutes a day and you know, you just have to stop and try to enjoy your daily “five minute reset shower“.
Think of it as that cup of tea, like humming that song that you like so much, just under the water and with a bar of soap in hand.
Per Purr has a line of 11 soaps for just this purpose, divided into three olfactory families: floral, herbal and spice. Choose one according to your mood, let yourself be enveloped by the scent and see that five minutes a day is more than enough to leave aside all the toxins that contaminate you and clean yourself from the inside out.

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