Farmacia Nieto: A pharmacy can also be a home

Antonio La Paralela
julio 15, 2020
Tiempo de lectura: 3 minutos

The Royal Spanish Academy (RAE) defines Pharmacy as a science, a profession or a laboratory. The RAE always falls a little short in its definitions, but this time we are going to talk about pharmacies as a more special space, where well-being is looked after and bonds are created.

Anna de la Rubia de Bolós, owner of Farmacia Nieto (Ceuta) is very clear that a pharmacy is much more than "a store that sells medicine or remedies". A pharmacy can also be a home. She grew up above one and behind its counter.

Descended from pharmacists, she always knew she wanted to be a pharmacist. Four years ago, after the loss of her paternal grandmother, she became the head of Farmacia Nieto.

It had to continue to be a welcoming and historic space, but it also had to reflect her personality.

In a pharmacy, they look after your wellbeing and advise you on health issues, which is why Anna considers the personal touch of Farmacia Nieto to be fundamental.



Per Purr: Tell us Anna, was it the journey to creating a personal touch that made you include natural products?

Anna: In the beginning, I always went for well-known and fashionable products that people asked me for. That gave me some guidance as to which brands to work with, until I began to realize that it wasn’t the way to do things (at least in my opinion).

They weren't brands I liked. I think, in the end, a pharmacy should be personal.

Although sometimes it is necessary, I don't like to have brands that don't motivate me to sell. As I worked with these brands, I realized the best thing to do was to rely on my own tastes and instill them in the public rather than the clients in me.

P: A great commitment and decision.

A: Yes, I started to become more and more interested in natural cosmetics and I saw that people responded well, even those who are not so "eco-minded". Because there are two types of people; those who want a natural product because of its formulation and those who use it because it’s trendy.

P: And about your relationship with Per Purr, how did you discover us?

A: I found you through social networks, and, in fact, I wasn’t working with a natural hair-care line.

One day a girl came in asking me for natural children's shampoo and I saw you guys and I jumped at the opportunity. Because, although you are not 100% a children's brand, some products can be used from childhood. Although that girl’s request was what pushed me to be interested in you, even if it wasn’t for children, it was a great idea! Everything fell into place at the time because I also wanted to have a hair-care line that was generally natural and not too extensive and medium-priced. In the end, when people use products that they like, they don't look at the price (as long as it's reasonable).


P: So, was the introduction of Per Purr's products simple?

A: It took me a while to get it out there at first, but this confinement period and social networking have helped me a lot. Now it's a brand my customers are clamoring for! I hope it stays that way!

P: What do you think about the sale of natural cosmetics in pharmacies?

A: I don't think it's good or bad to sell natural cosmetics in a pharmacy. I think it's more personal and different, and nowadays differentiating yourself is a fundamental part of growing, or at least trying to.

P: Thank you very much for your honest opinion, Anna. To conclude, what would you say is your favorite Per Purr?

A: I couldn't give you a single top product because they're all amazing. Everything from the shampoos and conditioners, which make your hair look amazing, to the body oils and dry brush. I've heard great things about the dry brush from customers, it's one of the best sellers in my pharmacy.

Both the fragrances and the textures make customers want more and more. Obviously, when the results are as expected, success is 100% assured.

To end the interview, I would like to thank you for the work you do and for your dedication, from the manufacturing of each product until it reaches the pharmacy. Because every time I receive the merchandise, the love for your work is evident, which motivates sales! And, of course, thank you for counting on me for this interview. Thank you very much.



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