Love the skin you are in!

Antonio La Paralela
junio 23, 2020
Tiempo de lectura: 3 minutos

When we speak of love, we usually refer to a contradicting unity of two. But two people? No, we want to talk about the love between your skin and your mind. Love of you.


It is said that when there is love, a person glows. So why not make our skin glow?

You may be asking yourself - why my skin? - and truth be told, the answer is very simple. Your skin is not only the largest organ in your body. It is the part we expose most to the outside world and therefore it also becomes a fundamental element of our identity.


Stop for a moment and think:

What is the true beauty of the world?

We would say it’s the diversity of its shapes, colors and textures. If we lived in a universe that was monochrome, linear, and full of clones, we just would not be people. It would be impossible to live with something like that because people get bored with monotony, and thought and productivity become stagnate.

There is a reason why artistic trends, music, design, architecture or fashion are changing, while at the same time coexisting with each other. Because the best option is always for there to be no one single option.



Now is when we question what we take for granted:

Why do we want our skin to be the same as the models in the magazines? Why do we have to look like the photo that has been retouched?

The option each person chooses is wonderful, as long as it’s by choice and not by imposition. When we fall in love, we forget a little bit about external opinions, especially with our relationship, which is why you should love your skin and not think about what other people might say about it.


The skin, composed of two layers and a subcutaneous mass, is neither unalterable nor stable. Each layer has a different function, so there is no single model and it is always changing.

  • Epidermis: the thinnest and outermost part is renewed every two to three weeks. Perhaps now you understand why it is impossible for its appearance to always be the same.
  • Dermis: in direct contact with the epidermis, composed of protein and the coveted collagen, it is a strong yet flexible fibrous layer
  • Hypodermis: the energetic part of the skin or (although you may be afraid to hear it) the fat that protects your body, regulates temperature and connects to muscles and tendons.



The passage of time has always been associated with the skin and being ashamed of its appearance makes no sense.

In reality, although we do not know it, we are born with characteristics in our skin that will appear with the passage of time, or even evolve according to the environmental factors of our surroundings.


When we dress, we want a style that we identify with our personality. Well, that hide that covers your body is essential to knowing who you are. If you try to hide it, you are also hiding yourself.

What's important is how you're doing inside. It is you who decides if your skin is like a prison or another source of life and energy. Just as no one can forbid you to raise your voice to express what you think, no one can forbid your body (if they want to judge, that's their problem).


Why do we use the expression "from the pores of your skin"? Because through your skin you can also say who you are.

Your skin is your identity, no matter how different it is or how it has changed. The important thing is that you feel comfortable with it, that you know you are someone and who that someone is. In the end, life is a sum of those "someones" and their actions!


"Forget about the world. Think only of what you have on the inside, and all of a sudden, you will know how sweet and delectable it is to live.

Jorge Debravo

Scars, stretch marks, moles, dilations, cellulite, spots, pigment changes, redness, roughness. It doesn’t matter if what defines your skin is an imprint from life or if you were born with it.

It doesn't matter if you have a genetic disease or an environmental condition. The important thing is for you to know that that skin is you and, with its major or minor complications, to feel proud of it.


It is the uncertainties, insecurities and doubts that make us lose our bearings and our desire to be who we are.


Love your skin, take care of it and love yourself.


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