Maskne: what is and how to treat it

Antonio La Paralela
febrero 16, 2021
Tiempo de lectura: 2 minutos

The use of masks has become a part of our daily lives. But in addition to the war on COVID-19, mask use has brought a more personal battle - against acne.

Wearing a face covering often causes skin irritation and inflammation, which has given rise to the term "maskne", or mask-related acne.

What is maskne?

Maskné is any form of facial acne or skin irritation caused by face coverings, such as masks and face shields.


maskné hidración de la piel


What causes it?

The sebaceous glands and the surface of the skin become inflamed and irritated due to masks rubbing against the skin, in addition to sweat and oils that are produced by the skin. Many people who wear masks have noticed that existing acne or facial eczema breakouts have worsened.


How can you prevent it?

The continuous and unnecessary use of masks when you are not in public or near other people must be reduced. Gentle daily skin cleansing with facial cleansers will help protect and improve your skin barrier.


Makeup and masks

 Most makeup is hypoallergenic, but some is comedogenic (a texture that clogs the pores of the skin), which suffocates the skin and can cause irritation under the mask.


How often should people wash their masks (if they are reusable)?

To avoid skin irritation, masks should be washed daily.


maskné cuidados de la piel perpurr


What is the ideal skin care routine?

The ideal skin care routine is a daily face wash and post-wash moisturizer.


How careful do we have to be in the winter?

 Lower temperature, the use of heaters and wind produce dryness of the skin. The use of moisturizers is the best option to keep skin healthy and glowing. We also recommend you the use of our Orange & Ginger Facial Oil (for all skin type).


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