MUFAs, what are they?

Antonio La Paralela
febrero 11, 2020
Tiempo de lectura: 2 minutos

Since the launch of our Orange & Ginger Facial Oil, we have talked a lot about MUFAs. But what are they, really?

To understand it better, let’s start by talking about the acid mantle of the skin.  The acid mantle is a fine, naturally protective layer of the skin with a pH of 5.5 (slightly acidic), where the conditions are too adverse for the majority of germs, bacteria, fungus and viruses to survive and propagate.

External factors of daily life such as the sun’s rays, soap, poor quality creams, makeup, stress, tension, pollution, water loss from sweating, etc., damage this delicate tissue.

MUFAs are “monounsaturated fatty acids”, and they play a structural role in the skin’s layers. These saturated fats help the skin to produce sebum and are extremely important to keep it hydrated, supple and young-looking. They also help to prevent dry and irritated skin.

Along with ceramides, MUFAs are like the “mortar between the bricks” of a structure, while corneocytes are the bricks. When part of this “mortar” is lost, the skin becomes more susceptible to infections and diseases.  So any modification it undergoes will have consequences and harmful effects, causing changes in its appearance and effectiveness as a protective barrier of the skin.

That’s why it’s so important to keep your skin well-hydrated and make sure it constantly receives “mortar,” or MUFAs.

Where do we find MUFAs?

Our facial oil is full of them! Below is a list of the MUFAs it contains:

-   Lauric acid

-   Myristic acid

-   Palmitic acid

-   Stearic acid

-   Oleic acid

-   Palmitoleic acid

-   Linoleic acid

-   Capric acid

-   Caprylic acid

-   Caproic acid

-   Linolenic acid

-   Arachidic acid

-   Eicosenoic acid

-   Gadoleic acid

-   Erucic acid

-   Nervonic acid

-   Alpha linoleic acid

-   Behenic acid

All these monounsaturated acids exist naturally in vegetable oils and, to make our formula ultra-complete, we have a very special mixture of them. Give it a try!

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