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febrero 18, 2020
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A cosmopolitan place for culture and excitement

Amenities Per Purr

In the heart of Madrid, surrounded by the most elegant boutiques and big names in fashion, Tótem combines the luxury and energy of the neighborhood. Its sophisticated air, with luxurious and clever interior design, makes it the perfect place to stay when visiting this bustling Spanish capital city.

 Its common areas are eclectic, with a mix of elegance and avant-garde. Its contemporary and minimalist furnishings were carefully selected to create a relaxed atmosphere, free of clutter. Amenities, you ask? At the request of the hotel, Per Purr has created the fragrance “Clementine Black Tea” which brings to mind the sophistication of tea ceremonies.

Amenities Per Purr

A favorite among Madrileños and visitors alike, Tótem Madrid offers a welcoming and modern vibe. There's no better way to start your evening off than with a drink from the wide selection at their cocktail bar!



Calle de Hermosilla, 28

28001 | Madrid

(+34) 914 260 035




360º Experience

amenities Per Purr 

Pedro Subijana's three-Michelin star restaurant now has a 5 star boutique hotel. Located in the Bay of Biscay, with views of San Sebastian's coastline and a modern but cozy design, this is the ideal place for food, wine, art and architecture enthusiasts alike.

amenities Per Purr

Its inviting design uses natural materials that blend in with the surroundings, which were the inspiration for the amenities Per Purr designed: the smell of the Cantabrian Sea, the moist, cold earth, and green, woody scents.


Immerse yourself in nature! 


Padre Orcolaga, 56 (Igeldo)

20008 | San Sebastián

(+34) 943 311 209



New luxury in Galicia

amenities perpurr 

Noa Boutique Hotel is proof that rural getaways don't have to be devoid of avant-garde design. With spectacular views of the bay and the Castle of  Santa Cruz, Noa is a hotel with a local and sustainable mindset. It uses renewable energy, generates minimal plastic waste and has low levels of water and paper consumption.

amenities perpurr

In any of its 32 rooms, you will wake up with gorgeous sea views, surrounded by clean and timeless decor, with an abundance of natural light complemented with neutral woods. The amenities Per Purr created for Noa are held in beautiful, large black bottles in each of the rooms. You can even purchase them to take home with you. An opportunity to immerse yourself in the aromas from your days in paradise.



Avda. Concepción Arenal 51

Santa Cruz | Oleiros

15179 | A Coruña

(+34) 881 244 144



The best-kept secret in Formentera

Amenities Per Purr 

On the magical island of Formentera, Gecko Hotel & Beach Club is an homage to the summertime glamour of the jet-setters of the 1950s, while respecting the protected surroundings.

Amenities Per Purr

The rooms are decorated with an elegant mix of neutral colors, with a splash of omnipresent cobalt blue. The amenities have that amazing mix of scents that you'll find in the Mediterranean: lavender, rosemary and grapefruit.


An innovative experience that unites passion for the island, beach style and the elegance of a bygone era, with vintage touches in every corner of the hotel.



Playa de Migjorn, Ca Marí

07860 | Balearic Islands

(+34) 971 32 80 24



Stay in the most iconic palace of Malaga!

amenities per purr 

Located in the Judería neighborhood, in front of the famous church of Santiago and steps away from Picasso Museum and the cathedral, the Palacio Solecio is the best place for discovering the beauty and history of Malaga step by step.

The complete restoration of this 18th century palace is breathtaking. It honors the original architecture and artistic style while incorporating a classic and modern air.

amenities per purr 

Its cozy and elegant rooms have been designed to optimize rest after an intense day enjoying the city. Soft tones dominate in the decor, giving a special majesty to a unique space where comfort is king, creating a balanced and serene atmosphere that is complemented by the amenities that smell of sweet figs and citrus fruits.



Calle Granada, 61

29015 | Malaga

(+34) 952 222 000



Naturally Exclusive

amenities perpurr 

The award-winning Arantza Hotel is engulfed in nature in the heart of Navarra. The natural surroundings, visible both from the rooms (equipped with the so-called "best bed in the world" made by the Swedish brand Hastens), and from the sauna in the private spa, are quite impressive.

amenities per purr 

Throughout the year you can observe the change of seasons and colors from the huge windows and terraces, listen to the sounds at night, eat the best of the region's cuisine and indulge yourself in the spa.

 Per Purr amenities can be found both in the bathroom and by the bathtub, carefully positioned to relax while you take in the spectacular views.



Aientsa Auzoa, 10

31790 | Arantza | Navarra

(+34) 654 318 949




Charming hotel one and a half hour from Barcelona

amenities per purr 

La Vella Farga is a secluded Catalan farmhouse that stood out for its architectural elements and the buttresses supporting its thick walls. It is located on a large esplanade overlooking the four winds. The great variety of rooms, halls, bedrooms, stables and wine cellar make it a great place to stay.

amenities per purr

After a careful renovation that was completed in 2015, preserving old elements and structures, the owners have taken on the task of decorating all the rooms of the hotel, reflecting a contemporary and sophisticated style while carefully restoring the most significant pieces of furniture.

The result is an exclusive hotel for travellers who seek out nature, open fields and forests and nights filled with silence, calm and comfort. Of course we recommend an invigorating shower in the morning with our lavender, rosemary and grapefruit Shower Gel or a relaxing night bath with our Relax Soap.




25283 | Lladurs Solsona | Lleida

(+34) 973 299 212




Slow Paradise

amenities perpurr

Living surrounded by concrete at a pace that is not natural promotes anxiety and causes many symptoms that are the opposite of the physical and mental well-being we all seek.

amenities perpurr

This rural complex is surrounded by sustainable forests and very close to a beech tree forest, ideal for the Japanese practice of "shinrin-yoku", or "forest bathing", an activity that, according to recent research, has been proven to reduce stress and anxiety, improve mood and is the basis for a profound change towards a much more balanced and harmonious life.


Take a long bath with Per Purr amenities in the beautiful Artea room, next to the fireplace while you have some tea.


Do you identify with this philosophy?



Calle Real, 7

Astúlez | Álava

(+34) 607 38 37 47




Natural Atmosphere

amenities per purr 

Izal Landetxea is located in the municipality of Bergara, in a privileged natural setting surrounded by nature. Bergara is located in Alto Deba, the geographical center of Basque Country. It is great for nature lovers, as it is near beautiful places such as Aizkorri Natural Park or the surroundings of the Urkulu reservoir.

There's nothing like discovering the local gastronomy, which keeps a sweet secret, its traditional handmade pastries. Dulces rellenos and dulces tostones are two famously delicious pastries, if you have a sweet tooth make sure to try them!

Guided tours, hiking routes, bicycle routes and horseback riding are a few activities that you can do in this nature lover's dream.

amenities per purr

This friendly, cozy space is in a spectacular location and is carefully decorated, so every corner breathes the past and present of the farmhouse. Open, minimalist spaces, filled with harmony, where you will feel at home.

A charming place where every detail is taken care of. A perfect place to disconnect. A natural environment to become one with nature. You will have a great time at Izal.


An experience in which you will be immersed in a micro-world of which Per Purr is a part. Our amenities translate all the philosophy of Izal into unforgettable scents. 



Barrio San Juan, 58

20570 | Bergara | Gipuzkoa

(+34) 606 962 380

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