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Antonio La Paralela
septiembre 9, 2015
Tiempo de lectura: 2 minutos

Dear visitors of our new Per Purr website and blog,
This is Tahone, co-founder of the brand.
For those of you who have been with us since the beginning, you can see that the company is in a phase of consolidation and maturing. At this point, in addition to the new products that will be arriving, we have a new and powerful communication proposal for our blog and social network profiles: knowledge through information.
During these last two years, the feedback we have received has shown us a very clear path: one of transparency and quality information that is concise, precise and helpful.
We are a natural cosmetics brand that uses a selection we consider to include the best raw materials and environmentally-friendly innovative processes. But in our blog, we want to open up and talk about more issues (still related to cosmetics, of course!).
The slow life is the new black.” For those who have seen and adapted to this “movement” (I call it that out of habit, a lifestyle, something long-lasting, bigger than fashion), you have been able to sense a change in the way things feel. Enjoying moments and people, not just embracing a life of excessive consumerism. Relishing quality time: laughing, having fun, sleeping, showering, chatting, searching and working (doing what you love). Forget the obsession to produce that enslaves you, and listen to your body; it knows your rhythm.
We are living in the age of immediacy, where everything happens quickly and is superfluous, lacking quality: food, the daily grind, work and personal relationships.
So what are we proposing? A series of tools that help our readers make more mindful decisions and advice to improve quality of life.
We are advocating for the slow life, slow food, slow cosmetics and slow love! And we do so both confidently and calmly, because we believe that things need to be done calmly, even where there is little time.
What do you say to taking a good shower, resetting and starting from scratch?

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