Pre-Valentine’s Day Beauty Prep Week

Antonio La Paralela
febrero 8, 2021
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One of the biggest date nights of the year is right around the corner and you know what that means: pre-date prep is in full effect. Start your prep one week before your Valentine’s Day date and you’ll be in tip-top shape and full of confidence when the night comes. Don’t wait until the night before your date to start your beauty prep countdown. Here’s your seven-day beauty prep countdown routine that’ll have you looking flawless on V-Day!

Day 7: Exfoliate the dry skin away: Start your V-Day date night prep by having flawless skin — dry, flaky skin is not cute when you’re on a date with your beau. Use our dry exfoliating brush to ensure your skin is squeaky clean, smooth and even in tone.

Day 6: Face Mask: You’re already on your way to flawless, date-night-approved skin, but let’s take it a step further with at-home treatment. Slather on any of these easy to make at-home hydrating face masks - Matcha Tea Face Mask or Magic Mud. Kick back and let it work its magic on your skin up to two times before date night — make sure to take full advantage of this “me” time because you deserve it. Put this on before you hop in the shower, making sure to let the steam work its magic on opening up your pores for an added bonus. While you wait, use this perfect time to contemplate what you’re going to wear on the big date night!

Day 5: Whiten Your Teeth: Pearly whites are an absolute must on any date night — but especially this one — so give yourself some time to get them looking their best. There are a ton of different ways to approach whitening. One of our favourite tried-and-true methods is by mixing some baking soda with a bit of water and brush, brush, brush your teeth with the paste — super simple and crazy effective (trust me!). Your mouth will be fresh and your teeth will be in tip-top shape.



Day 4: Hair Mask: Shiny, healthy, volumized hair is the name of the game on Day 4 of your Valentine’s Day date night prep countdown. With the Per Purr Intense Nutrition Mask give your locks a healthy dose of serious hydration so it looks extra lush on Feb 14. Apply the mask up to two times leading up to date night. Apply at the beginning of your shower and then rinse it out at the very end so it can really sink in and do the work. Avoid heat tools in the days leading up to date night so your hair is extra healthy and shiny.

Day 3: Brightening Scrub: Three days before date night! Let’s use this day as a last final push to get super fresh looking skin and brighten everything up overall so you’re looking radiant and refreshed. Apply the Per Purr Salts Selection Exfoliant to your skin and slough off dull skin that’s dimming your inner glow — you’ll be left with nothing but luminous goodness and super smooth, healthy skin.



Day 2: Lip Treatment (have hydration as backup): Let’s be honest - Valentine’s Day and lips go hand-in-hand, so show ‘em some love right before their big night. Use a lip treatment in the form of a super nourishing balm, overnight salve or even a fun lip mask to prep your pucker. The more intense the hydration, the better. Doing this prep will also give your lips the perfect canvas for red lipstick!

Day 1: Touch Up Your Nails: It’s crunch time! Date night is here and you’re prepped, so today is all about the final, finishing touch: having chip-free nails. Give yourself a quick mani-pedi. All you need is a tub of warm water and any of our bath salts. Soak your hands and feet for 5-7 minutes, give your nails a quick buff and apply a fresh coat of paint and/or a shiny topcoat to make them straight up dazzle.

Extra tip: Use the Per Purr Orange and Ginger Facial Oil-Serum twice a day and watch it shrink your pores and provide luminosity. It also acts as the perfect skin primer!



There you have it! Seven days and seven ways to prep and prime for date night without stressing yourself out.

Want to continue feeling flawless even after your special date night? The Per Purr team has put together this list of “must-haves” to turn your winter skincare routine into a true wellness ritual.


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