Antonio La Paralela
septiembre 16, 2015
Tiempo de lectura: 1 minuto

This time of year, in pharmacies, perfume shops and supermarkets, we see the displays for a bigger and bigger collection of products, and we have no idea what they’re for. That’s how it was two years ago when I noticed a product of a brand I used to use that said “prepare skin for the sun.” What?
These products that prepare your skin for sun exposure are the new promise for quickly achieving tanned, uniform skin that lasts much longer, after beta-carotene pills: simply, go to the beach and boom, in a just a few days, you will be the color of summer.
These products are normally serums or fast-absorbing watery lotions so they can be incorporated into your personal daily routine with no problem. You should start using them about two weeks before sun exposure (vacation, beach, pool). They are full of antioxidants that strengthen your skin’s natural defense system against free radicals produced during sun exposure, and they contain a tanning activator that accelerates the natural synthesis of melanin so that the skin tans more quickly.
Don’t forget that sun preparation products do NOT replace sunscreen. The two products should be used together for better and longer-lasting results. We also remind you that after-sun care is important to maintain your summer tan. You must always pay attention to your body’s internal and external hydration. Have a great summer!

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