Revered as divinities or repudiated as a symbol of evil. The truth is that the story of our dear cats is almost enigmatic as they are, but why are we telling you this?

In case someone has overlooked, the Per Purr symbol and icon it is a cat. The reason is not only that Tahone Jacobs (co-founder of Per Purr) is a cat lover of, but we believe that they are a great example of self-care.

Another great feature that does not go unnoticed in these curious animals is the general state of calm in which they live, since they spend most of their time enjoying the peaceful protection of home.

There are many theories on the coexistence between cats and man and, although the dates continue to change, it cannot be denied that this species, known for its seven lives, has shared its existence with people for more than 10,000 years. So we want to take this opportunity to demystify that cats are "uncaring", bring bad luck or reject human company. Since these statements seem to be more related to the terrible theories of the Middle Ages, used to justify cat torture.

A very curious fact is that 90% of the cat's brain is similar to ours, since they have the same regions dedicated to emotions as we do. It may be for this reason that they are so insightful when it comes to feeling the emotional state of those who share their environment and for this reason, they are also very helpful in therapy with children and people with emotional and social problems.

Although we are not going to stay only on the emotional side, the truth is that one of the great facets that fostered the relationship between cats and people was the hunting of rodents, that is why the cat is also associated with fortune and good, because thanks to cats the crops came out ahead. However, it was the Egyptians who had the greatest fame when evaluating the independent, noble and (again) sensitive character of small cats. In addition to their outstanding hygiene, with which they stimulate circulation and refresh the skin.


"Cats have absolute emotional honesty: Humans, for some reason, can hide their feelings, but a cat cannot." - Ernest Hemingway


Associated with the charisma there is something that makes them very unique over the rest of the animals, and it is not the fact that they walk and run moving the 4 legs in the same direction (this is also achieved by giraffes and camels). The purr (purr in English) is, without a doubt, another of the mysterious wonders around cats.

The peculiarities and effects of this action have been discussed and discussed on a large number of occasions. French veterinarian Jean-Yves Gauchet has demonstrated, under the name of purr therapy, that the sound of purring stimulates the neurons that produce serotonin (the well-known hormone of happiness).

Whether or not it is due to the power generated by the vibration of the purr, it is true that this act manages to transmit a great feeling of calm and well-being in people. And it is that the purr is not used by cats only as an expression of well-being, They are used as a calming tool in stressful situations or to accelerate their healing process after suffering fractures or wounds.

For these and many more reasons, at Per Purr we are unconditional cat lovers  and therefore we also recommend that you be a little more “cat”, pamper yourself, relax and, if you want, also purr with pleasure.


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