The winter is coming and with it the winds and (very) dry air. Your skin is one of the first parts of the body to feel the changes in the environment. Each season brings its particularity and it is up to us to prepare ourselves to live them in the best way, without our beauty and all our health being affected.
Here we share 5 key tips for you to arrive with a porcelain skin at the spring.

  1. Make a deep cleansing program for face & body

With the amount of sunny days left behind, the skin has been battered and dried by the sun and your days at the beach or pool. So, to start winter good skin, the best option is to exfoliate your skin. Get rid of impurities and scaling left by high temperatures and start giving them the necessary care for this new time of year! 
In addition, with renewed skin, any cream or treatment will have a better effect.

  1. No, NEVER, ever (!) forget the sunscreen

We mistakenly associate the use of this product with high temperatures, usually during the summer. But in all the 365 days of the year we MUST use sunscreen, because although we cover ourselves more to protect from cold weather, the sun's rays continue there. Above all you must protect your face.
A good way to use it during winter is with moisturizers or makeup bases that have a SPF incorporated. This way you won’t have excuses to skip the application in your daily routine.

  1. Watch out for the wind

 It is normal that with the low temperatures and the increase of the wind, your skin begins to dry out and even crack. For this reason, it is important to apply a moisturizer that nourishes and regenerates. Apply it before putting on makeup in the morning and every night.
Winter skincare

  1. Lips, the ones that suffer the most

The lips, like the rest of the skin, are very sensitive to temperature changes, so they usually crack. Always remember to have in your bag a balm to apply as many times as necessary during the day. This way you will keep them protected and hydrated.

  1. Take care of your hands

In winter, even with the use of gloves to protect your hands from the cold, they can crack. The ideal is to combine the use of gloves with a moisturizer, which will help to quickly repair the damage that the temperature change can cause. You don't have to have a thousand cream jars , the same body cream you use will usually be great for your hands.

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