Black and Brown women have to take special measurements to keep their skin healthy and happy.
There are so many misconceptions and myths surrounding women of color and their skin, and frankly, it’s time we clear them up! Black skin is arguably more sensitive and delicate than less pigmented skin, and consequently, black women invest both time and energy into keeping their natural glow!

Black skin is arguably more sensitive and delicate than less pigmented skin

Black skin is arguably more sensitive and delicate than less pigmented skin

Finding products that work specifically with Brown and Black skin isn’t always easy to do, and finding a brand that specializes in natural, and organic raw materials can be even more challenging especially when living abroad!
Here are 3 myths about Black skin, and tips to keep your skin clean, moisturized, and looking its best.
1. Black skin doesn't get irritated
This couldn’t be farther from the truth. Just because you don’t see redness doesn’t mean that harsh chemicals can’t affect Black skin.
It’s important to use products that are all-natural and complement your skin type. Black skin can in fact get irritated and dry. Using oils like coconut, argan, or a combination of soothing essential oils is crucial for Black skin.
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2. Black skin is oily
This is another myth. Melanin is what provides the rich color to Black skin, not oil. In fact, Black and Brown skin is prone to dryness.
Using a non-harsh cleanser and exfoliate that also has oil does wonders for our skin! Per Purr’s Salts Selection Exfoliant is the perfect balance as it also has almond and macadamia oil in it. It exfoliates, without drying.
3. All Black skin is the same
False! Melanin gives Black and Brown skin a variety of colors and also specific needs. Oily, dry, acne-prone, mixed; there are so many possibilities.
The great thing about Per Purr is that there is a large variety of products to try! No matter what, the ingredients are organic and natural, so you can’t go wrong!
All Black skin is the same: false!

All Black skin is the same: false!


  • Clean (Don’t be afraid to clean with natural oils) 
  • Exfoliate 
  • Moisturize 
  • And always, always use sunscreen  

Post written by Danni Roseman, co-founder of Las Morenas de España

"Sleep is a virtue, We must honor and respect the virtues of a good night’s sleep. Our immune, nervous and muscular systems rejuvenate while we sleep."
A good night's sleep is essential to perfect skin, we all agree. Now what many forget is that what we need is quality, true rest – ideally for many hours! It will do wonders for your health.
While we sleep, our bodies produce growth hormones, these are important for cell renewal, our immune and nervous system, and they help repair tissue - including skin.
Cells have a life cycle, they are created and they die, and with repeated unsatisfying nights of sleep, cells fail to rejuvenate. Therefore, people who sleep poorly age more quickly, in addition to developing other health problems.
We know that the stress of your day makes it impossible to dedicate time to quality sleep, especially for eight hours straight. But we have good news! Even just 6 hours of deep, uninterrupted sleep can also have repairing effects.
Sleeping well does not mean sleeping many hours on the weekend, or that you like to sleep. Sleep is a daily exercise, we need to create a routine. Many envy those who can sleep a lot!
Do you know what the most beneficial schedule is for your body? Sleeping from 10 pm to 6 am. We must remember that our body is governed by the sun.
We sleep better during the nighttime, that’s when our bodies release melatonin, a hormone produced by the pineal gland that induces deep sleep, this hormone decreases as we approach 30 years.
Tricks for better sleep:
1. Try to go to bed every night at the same time, it is essential to create a routine.
2. Lights should be off, avoid running the washing machine or strange background noises, silence is important.
3. The temperature in your room has to be comfortable, not too cold or too hot.
4. Do not bring your laptop, iPad or mobile to bed. They will keep you awake with their light and sounds.
5. Try these tricks for one month, you will see the difference.



As for your skin, yes, we should use night cosmetics before going to bed and not at any other time of day.
The first reason is that some lose their effectiveness when exposed to sunlight, others may put your skin at risk by not having any protection and may even cause blemishes or skin irritation.
The second reason is that they are much more effective at night, as your body is in full cell renewal mode while you sleep.
A very interesting new idea that has reached the market is called a bio-alarm clock, which is an app for your mobile phone. It records your stages of sleep while you sleep and analyzes them on a graph.
It creates a profile page displaying all stages of your sleep, including the time you fall asleep, wake up, total sleep time and the overall average. Using the results, you can set an alarm to wake you up at the ideal time during the last 30 minutes of your sleep, thus avoiding waking up during deep sleep (REM).
REM sleep is when you are in a deep sleep, when your eyes have that rapid movement (hence the name), when you are dreaming.
How serious is to wake up when you are in REM sleep?
Not very, but you might feel a little different and more tired. You won’t have the feeling of waking from a restful sleep. Sleep technicians in laboratories where tests are conducted are instructed not to wake patients if they are in REM. The most memorable dreams occur at this stage, in which muscle weakness and self-induced paralysis prevails.
Do these devices really work? Yes!
There are different brands that work on different devices. You'll have to see which best suits your smartphone.
It’s worth a try, start to analyze your nights’ sleep. It might make you more productive during the day and improve your health, and logically also your skin.
Sweet Dreams!

Back to my beauty blogging ways today with my first organic beauty post of 2016! Let me introduced a product line I fell in love with in the Fall of 2015. Per Purr products are designed for easy daily use with your skin’s health as the goal.
They take raw materials that are 100% pure and of the highest quality to ensure better skin nutrition. They create products that take advantage of the naturally perfect properties of plants and essential oils, combine them with the cold process used to manufacture soaps while ensuring that all the initial oil properties are preserved.
Here are my top 3 products you need to try!

Salts Selection Exfoliant by Per Purr

Salts Selection Exfoliant: the salts are ground into a fine powder, which guarantees delicate and efficient exfoliation, leaving skin super hydrated from the 3 essential oils. Just like an Epsom salt bath, this product will leave your muscle feeling stress free.
Skinny Oil: This highly concentrated oil hydrates and maintains skins hydrolipidic barrier, which in turn helps to prevent the occurrence of stretch marks. If you are lucky enough to pair it with a massage, it helps lymphatic drainage and activates microcirculation.
Calm Soap: This is a warm blanket in a bar! This soap appeals to delicate skin with a base of almond and virgin olive oil. The mix of chamomile, lavender and clary sage essential oils, provide a sense of coziness and warmth.

Fresh Soap, Salts Selection Exfoliant, Skinny Oil and Calm Soap - the best natural skincare

Remember, you are what your skin eats! So why not try an organic option?

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