Hello Per Purr readers!

After much resistance from me about recording a video (yes, I'm shy and I don't like cameras at all), I finally did it! What a boredom quarantine makes, right?

What led me to record it was to see bunch of brands and influencers that do not explain well how to apply a facial product, be it an facial oil or a serum type.

In 99% of the videos you see on social networks, or on the brands pages themselves, the model takes the dosing pipette and applies a massive amount of product to her face touching the skin with the tip of the pipette! WRONG!

Never do that. Although a 100% oil product should not be contaminated, since it does not carry water, and serums that carry water also contain preservatives, when the pipette touches the skin indeterminate times and you put it back into the product that can leave little particles inside your product. Reason enough, right?

The application method (with the pipette) is used so product does not come into contact with either the fingers or the skin, keeping it better for much longer time. Furthermore, with the correct application we avoid possible contamination and product waste.

As you will see in the video, I used 6 drops of Per Purr’s Orange & Ginger Facial Oil for my entire face and neck. I have super dry skin, so if you have normal, combination or oily skin, with 3 or 4 drops you have more than enough for one application.



First and very important: clean your skin!

Either with your usual product, with a shower gel (those from Per Purr are super soft and reinforced with oat protein, so you can wash your face with them) or with a mild soap bar. I am currently using the Per Purr Relax Soap, which contains lavender and extra virgin olive oil. I made the foam between my hands and washed the face vigorously but carefully, giving an initial massage to increase circulation.

Dry the skin with a towel dedicated exclusively to the skin of the face. Do it with a light touch without dragging it on the skin. If you use any toner, now is the time to apply it.

In the palm of one of your hands deposit the number of drops of oil according to the type of skin you have. In my case it was 6 drops. Warm it lightly with your fingertips before applying it to your face. Apply a little to each area and then massage gently. Don’t forget the jaw, eye contours and lips. You can always finish the neck with upward movements.

If you realize, just with the application of the oil and a light massage, the skin is left with a perfect soft glow for the use (or not) of makeup after. Unified and nourished skin in one step! 



In the video you have not seen me passing the sunscreen, but it is an essential step at all times of the year. The UV index for April is coming in at 4-5 even on rainy days. So protect yourself!

If you have any questions regarding the application of the product or any other, please contact us on our whatsapp (+34) 645 64 49 90 or by mail at contact@perpurr.com. We are all ears!

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