The fact that women spend so much money on expensive cosmetics does not mean that they get the most out of them. What many women (and men) do not know is that daily facial care must extend to your neck and chest, two areas that are just as sensitive and thin as your face.
These areas are affected even more than your face by the sun and other external aggressors, in addition to age. But strangely enough, we don’t take care of them with the same dedication as we do our faces.
That is why we see women with a tight face and perfectly smooth skin, but as they weren't careful with their neck and chest, their age shows through with the wrinkles and spots.
Many women between 50-60 years old complain about this detail. They say that for decades they did not devote the same care to these areas, they simply forgot.

Neck alert

Neck alert!

It is not difficult to take care of these areas. Plus, it is always better to be safe than sorry. You have to worry just as much about these areas as your face: clean and protect them from the sun. Of course there are specific products for your neck but it is more practical to apply the same ones we put on our face.
Now we are going to discuss some types of products that we recommend for your everyday life without the need to spend more money on specific products for your neck:
Day: After cleansing and toning, apply a serum rich in vitamin C and other antioxidants and then sunscreen. Apply it to your face and continue until your neckline.
Night: After cleansing and toning, apply alpha-hydroxyl acid (daily and very soft peeling) serum to your face and neck and then a deep moisturizing cream.
Pay attention to your chin, this is another area that we do not think about too much, but wrinkles also appear in these places. It is very simple to keep it hydrated.
Caring for these areas of your face, neck, chest, etc, helps us to delay dermatological procedures such as peeling, fillers or even resorting to the scalpel. Moreover, with the neckline area well hydrated the skin becomes more elastic and helps keeping the breast firm and fight gravity.
Remember, you have to take care of yourself now so you do not complain tomorrow. It may seem an exaggeration, especially for those who are between 20 and 30 years old, but it is not.
For those that are already above 30 and have spent a lot of time exposed to the sun or have not taken care of these areas, you still can do a lot! More and more companies are making specific products to help catch up with hydration for these underserved areas.
The same goes for caring for your hands, lack of hydration and sun protection. It is much harder to remove the stains than to prevent them.
We hope you took some notes, we are sure that in a few years you will thank us later!

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