Clays have a wide range of properties and colors that vary according to their mineral composition. What they all have in common is their high capacity for absorbing toxins and waste found on the skin that aren’t removed during daily cleaning.
Using clay for a deep cleaning once or twice a week will give you cleaner and healthier skin.
One good idea is to add plant and essential oils, honey, fresh fruit or yogurt to the clay. Or if you are more traditional, you can add a little mineral water. These additions benefit your skin in ways you can’t imagine.
Clay masks leave your skin clean, velvety smooth and improve blood circulation in the area under the mask. Moreover, this “magic dirt” is one of the most powerful natural antiseptics and anti-inflammatories that exist.
Here are some suggestions we have already tried at Per Purr. Yes, we are working, but we are also taking care of ourselves at the same time.

Clays, The best medicine for your skin!

Clays, The best medicine for your skin!

Green clay

Green clay is the most well known clay, and it is used mainly on oily skin susceptible to acne. It can completely extract the oil from your skin and kill the bacteria responsible for causing pimples. This mask can be used two to three times a week.

  • 2 heaping tablespoons of green clay
  • Warm or cold water. Use as much as needed to achieve a uniform cream
  • 1 teaspoon of honey
  • 5 drops of propolis extract

Mix all the ingredients well and apply to clean skin. Apply and leave on for 20 minutes. When the mask begins to dry, rinse off with warm water and apply your usual creams.

White and yellow clays

White and yellow clays are good for normal and sensitive skin. This clay cleans your pores without removing oil from the skin, maintaining the skin’s natural hydration, which is very important for sensitive skin. It also soothes skin irritations caused by changes in the weather, skin treatments or excessive sun.

  • 2 heaping tablespoons of white or yellow clay (or both)
  • Warm water. Use as much as needed to achieve a uniform cream. In this case, you can also use an herbal distillate (plant water), such as chamomile, lavender or rose, instead of water.
  • 1 tablespoon of natural yogurt (NOT fat-free!)

Mix all the ingredients to create a uniform cream and leave the mask on your skin for 20 minutes. Rinse with warm water. The effects of the mask are better and more visible if you apply at night before bed. When you sleep, your skin rests, and the next day, it’s radiant.

Pink (or red) clay

This is without a doubt the clay most recommended for dry, mature and blotchy skin. It has clarifying properties and can be used frequently.

  • Two heaping tablespoons of pink clay
  • Enough warm water to achieve a uniform cream. (Rose water is perfect for this)
  • 5 drops of jojoba oil
  • 1 teaspoon of honey
  • 3 drops of rose essential oil (Careful! It must be pure)

After mixing the ingredients well, leave the mask on your skin for 20 minutes, then rinse with water. The next day, you will notice your wrinkles have diminished.

Ghassoul (pronounced “Rassoul”)

This is a Moroccan clay rich in silica, a mineral that is vital to regeneration of the deepest skin layers. It improves elasticity by stimulating collagen production. It can be used for all skin types. This clay is a bit different than the others because it absorbs more water after a few minutes have passed, resulting in a creamy texture.

  • 1 heaping tablespoon of Ghassoul
  • Enough water to create a creamy mixture. Ideally, add a little water, wait 10 minutes and add more. If you need more and think it is still not creamy enough, wait 10 additional minutes and add more water.

The supplements for this mask vary according to skin type. Honey always produces good results with all types.
In the world of clay masks, talking about limits is like putting walls on the sky. Clays are easy to find, affordable and normally found at any health food store. Now you have no excuse not to flaunt your clean and beautiful skin.

Speaking of healthy skin, we know there are many steps: diet, protection, hydration, etc., but what many people forget, or simply skip, is good daily cleaning. Daily cleaning will undoubtedly change your relationship with your skin.
This seems just as obvious to us as a good selection of products. Each person’s skin is unique and needs distinct care; later, we will have to make you a one-hundred page list to cover all the skin types. Instead, our idea goes beyond products. We would like to stress routine and the proper way to clean your skin.
First, for those of you who have never seen a dermatologist, look for one. People often believe that they have one type of skin and spend all their lives using products that aren’t really appropriate. Additionally, only a dermatologist can diagnose any other problem you didn’t even know you had.
It isn’t effective to spend money on the best creams on the market if you don’t have a daily cleaning routine twice a day: when you wake up and when you go to bed. At night, the basic rule is to always remove your makeup. ALWAYS!
Ideally, first take off excess makeup with a non-aggressive product, like micellar water (there are several brands in all pharmacies). Then, if you wear eye makeup, you may need an oil-based product to effectively remove mascara, which is important for not clogging eyelash pores.
From here, you could move directly to the toner, but we recommend you to rinse your face with warm water for one or two minutes, or use some product: a neutral soap or cleansing foam. Now you have a fresh, mission-completed feeling before moving on to toner. Then you must put on a night cream and eye cream and…voilà. Off to bed.
I don’t believe in excuses for not going to bed with clean skin: not the rugged routine or your partner telling you that you’re taking too long to come to bed. Please. This process takes barely 15 minutes.
There are "three-in-one" options to remove makeup, clean the dirt accumulated during the day, and tone. It’s a question of how to invest your time.
Maybe we should have started the other way around. Night cleaning is certainly the most well-known. Many people think that in the morning the skin is clean because they’ve just spent all night in bed. Don’t be fooled!
At night, your sebaceous glands continue working by secreting everything left in the pores and other toxins. If you want your skin to absorb products like vitamin C serum and sunscreen, you must clean it. You can even just rinse with warm water and lightly massage the skin or use a cleaner specific to your skin type, but you cannot skip this step.
As far as products go, in addition to knowing which one is best for your skin type, you should also keep in mind that throughout the year, skin is affected by the change in seasons, and this should be reflected by changing your products. In the winter, with the dry air, strong wind, household heating, etc. you should choose gentler products.
If you do not have these basic care habits for cleaning your skin, we suggest you start now and try it for a few weeks. You’ll see a 180º change in your relationship with your skin and how your skin shines. Now tell us all about it!

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