The most common feedback we hear about our products at PerPurr is “they smell so good!” We hear that a lot. We receive emails. Our customers tell us. Our partners say it. The delivery man who picks up our packages every day comments on it...
We get the message: it’s your favorite part about Per Purr, the first thing that jumps out at you, and we are super proud of this! Want to know why smell memory is so strong?
Our sense of smell plays an active role in our lives. It alerts us of danger, it evokes memories and emotions. It seduces us... In fact, we can distinguish among a billion different aromatic notes. Wow!
You could say that an aroma is worth a thousand words. Aromas precede us, define us, and change us: fragrances are part of who we are, they tell our personal history. They are an emotional connection, memories associated with a specific moment, and can set off an emotional blast from the past.
The only undeniable fact is that as humans, we like to relieve the nice moments in life.
Unfortunately, life is not just full of good memories. A smell associated with a bad experience is usually immediately rejected - that’s how strong our brain’s reaction is.
Whenever we create a product, we try to make it evoke a sensation.
Like being in a dense, dewy forest.
A sunny Saturday morning.
A dessert.
The smell of citrus after the rain.
Moments that evoke happiness, this is what our ‘5 minute reset shower’, philosophy is based on. All you need is 5 minutes under the water with aromas that have the power to energize you, to reset your mood or unload a day’s stress. Are you in?

Back to my beauty blogging ways today with my first organic beauty post of 2016! Let me introduced a product line I fell in love with in the Fall of 2015. Per Purr products are designed for easy daily use with your skin’s health as the goal.
They take raw materials that are 100% pure and of the highest quality to ensure better skin nutrition. They create products that take advantage of the naturally perfect properties of plants and essential oils, combine them with the cold process used to manufacture soaps while ensuring that all the initial oil properties are preserved.
Here are my top 3 products you need to try!

Salts Selection Exfoliant by Per Purr

Salts Selection Exfoliant: the salts are ground into a fine powder, which guarantees delicate and efficient exfoliation, leaving skin super hydrated from the 3 essential oils. Just like an Epsom salt bath, this product will leave your muscle feeling stress free.
Skinny Oil: This highly concentrated oil hydrates and maintains skins hydrolipidic barrier, which in turn helps to prevent the occurrence of stretch marks. If you are lucky enough to pair it with a massage, it helps lymphatic drainage and activates microcirculation.
Calm Soap: This is a warm blanket in a bar! This soap appeals to delicate skin with a base of almond and virgin olive oil. The mix of chamomile, lavender and clary sage essential oils, provide a sense of coziness and warmth.

Fresh Soap, Salts Selection Exfoliant, Skinny Oil and Calm Soap - the best natural skincare

Remember, you are what your skin eats! So why not try an organic option?

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