If we had to choose a partner for life, one who brings to mind moments from our childhood, who makes us jump for joy, reminds us of that special someone, gives us goose bumps, makes our heart race or even makes us cry, most of us would agree on their name: MUSIC.
Music is one of the greatest sensory experiences that exists. It has even been proven that humans learn to emotionally respond to music before emotionally responding to words.

The connections that are produced in the brain when listening to music give it a strong ability to relax us, energize us, increase our concentration or even help distract us from pain.
For some of these reasons, we can also say that music is a means of communication and socialization. Thanks to music, we share sensations with unknown people, like when the audience of a concert is connected by the same melody, or when listening to certain notes you feel the need to dance.
Music is also known to provoke visuals of colors and shapes (this occurred with Russian painter Vasili Kandinsky), and it is sometimes directly linked to science and the universe. But its trivial use within the world of marketing cannot be ignored either. In consumption-based environments and nightlife spaces, music becomes the key tool to boost the demand for a product.

Sometimes it acts as a refuge, when we need to vent in private, the company of a song can give a little more meaning to the moment. For this reason it is actually used often in therapies, because what sometimes we cannot achieve with words, we can with music, creating connections even among different classes of living beings.
We could write an endless list of sensations and explanations about the effects of music on our brain and therefore on our body, such as the increase of physical endurance (due to musical stimuli) or the control of the cardiovascular system, but this time we want to highlight music as a driving force of memory. Its effects are so intense that a reaction to a song can bring to mind a forgotten moment even for people with memory problems.

We often speak about the sense of smell and the scents of Per Purr as a way to transport us to other spaces. But today we wanted to highlight this element that seems to have accompanied people for more than 8,000 years and is present every day in our offices and laboratory in Madrid. Music helps us to create an energetic and positive atmosphere, and we’d like to share that with you with this playlist:
Enjoy yourself and your surroundings, with music and Per Purr!

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