Anxiety and Mindfulness

One of the things I learned during lockdown, which I still do today, is to stop to breathe and meditate. I’ve suffered from anxiety ever since I was very young. I’ve always known how to solve this problem but at times, anxiety turned into something more serious, like a panic attack. And we all know that panic attacks are quite complicated to manage.


Obviously, the easiest option is to resort to traditional medicine to calm our body, but it’s not the solution. To learn to master my anxiety and stress, I turned to psychotherapy, which really helped me control my emotions.


Another solution was to listen to my body. For this I simply use my Spotify account (if you don't have this application, you can find several “mindfulness” videos on YouTube). All it takes is 10 minutes a day at home. If you can't do it at home, find a moment to do it in your office with your headphones on.



Here are the playlists I use:

Music for Meditation

A playlist on Spotify with various sounds and relaxing music, which help you sleep better. 

Relaxing Massage

When you want to think about a relaxing massage with your partner or friend, besides using our Relax body oil, take advantage of this playlist with a mix of new age and piano music. 

Rain Sounds

Nature is definitely a master when it comes to helping us relax and disconnect from our daily stress. Take advantage of this selection of different rain sounds for a moment of relaxation.

Tibetan Bowls

One of my favorite playlists and my go-to for meditation. These sounds of Tibetan bowls will help you relax and open your mind, bringing you peace.

Mindfulness & Meditation

During more critical moments of lockdown, I used this playlist which is a mix of sounds and relaxing music. I managed to fall sleep with this meditation. 



Understand your mind

We talked about this podcast before in a story, but I would like to mention it again because of the work they do to understand emotions and how to deal with certain problems and situations.

One of the advantages of our products is that some of them can help you relax in the most complicated moments. In your shower, use our Relax soap with lavender and rosemary essential oils that help you calm down and relax. Finish by moisturizing your skin with our Relax oil. Its aroma and combination of chamomile, lavender and geranium essential oils help calm irritated and sensitive skin. 



Some people amuse themselves with a cup of tea, others sing their favorite song. Both are pleasures that last a few minutes, in the blink of an eye.
Here at Per Purr we believe in the magic of these fleeting moments, which is why we would like to introduce our “5 minute reset shower” manifesto.
Everyone knows that a bath can be refreshing, but we have somehow convinced ourselves that this can only be achieved with a the typical bath with bath salts, candles, ambient music and bubbles – which we love – but realistically, who has time to take a bath like that every day?
Well, here we are, ready to redefine the concept of a refreshing bath, to convince you that 5 minutes is enough to disconnect and recharge your batteries, so you can tackle your day with renewed energy, and the desire for more!
While you’re alone in the shower, here’s our challenge to you: resist the urge to constantly stare at your iPhone screen and shift your gaze inward.

Screen Shot 2016-02-17 at 18.47.41

5 minut reset shower: recharge your battery!

Surrender yourself to the feeling of water gliding over your body. Take the soap and observe how it feels in your hands, caressing your skin, reaching every corner of your body, leaving a scent that takes you to your happy place.
Relax, disconnect, enjoy. Listen carefully to the sound the water makes when it falls, taking the weight and stress of your day away with it.
Trust us! Just 300 seconds under the shower stream and you’ll leave stress, tension and nagging worries behind.
They say that traveling transforms you, and we completely agree. But what we discovered is that you don’t need to wait for vacation for transformation – any journey has this renewing power if we want it to. And guess what? You can take a journey every day if you want!
Ok, it may seem exaggerated, but yes, for us, the shower is a journey. Albeit fast and within the confines of your shower. They also say that life is made up of a series of choices, we see it that way and we challenge you: why not take a vacation for even a short while, every day?
No, we won’t take any excuses! You can give yourself five minutes a day and you know, you just have to stop and try to enjoy your daily “five minute reset shower“.
Think of it as that cup of tea, like humming that song that you like so much, just under the water and with a bar of soap in hand.
Per Purr has a line of 11 soaps for just this purpose, divided into three olfactory families: floral, herbal and spice. Choose one according to your mood, let yourself be enveloped by the scent and see that five minutes a day is more than enough to leave aside all the toxins that contaminate you and clean yourself from the inside out.

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