Everyone knows that honey is an excellent food, it can replace sugar and also be used as a bactericide and antiseptic, therefore it is a natural antibiotic with no contraindications.
What many people do not know is that these properties can be harnessed for the skin too, for any kind of problem.
It is excellent for healing scars, helps prevent infection in wounds and burns and is anti-inflammatory.
For those with acne, the anti-inflammatory and healing effects of honey help your skin respond well to treatment, even better than many cosmetics.
For skin with allergies, irritation or burns, it has a soothing effect, relieving redness. For dry skin it hydrates and brightens, leaving your skin bright and lush. Another one of its amazing qualities is that for oily skin it has an astringent effect and controls unwanted shine.
Honey is perfect for all skin types, is a star home remedy. Even if your skin does not have any symptoms, if you are perfectly healthy, you can use honey in your care.


Use honey to cure your skin problems

Directions: one tablespoon is enough. Thoroughly clean your skin with your usual product using warm water. Apply honey in a circular motion all over your face for a few minutes. Leave it on for 30 minutes and then remove with warm water.
It’s the ideal treatment before bed! The next morning your skin will be like new.
Plus, throw in 3 or 4 drops of “propolis” extract, if your skin suffers from acne or irritation, this will help soothe and protect your skin. Also, if you need your skin to heal you can put a few drops of lavender oil.
Here goes a wonderful recipe:
Heat two tablespoons of honey and two tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil. It is very important not to let it boil, just heat it until the honey becomes liquid.
Apply to dry hair and leave it for 30 minutes. Then wash it as usual. You can apply this mixture to the root easily, it helps strengthen your roots and decrease hair loss. Your hair won’t stay greasy, because is a vegetable oil, not mineral oil, so it will washout very well.
Results: very moisturized hair like you've just come from the salon!
P.S.: It is very important that the honey you use is true honey and not a mixture of glucose or syrup, which is sold in supermarkets. Ideally, it should be from an apiary.
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Detox soap

Detox soap: lemongrass & honey


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