Which cities should you visit In Portugal?

Now that Per Purr is arriving in Portugal, here are a number of cities that you should visit to
get to know a little more about the country of our Iberian brothers and sisters. Grab your
suitcase, your Per Purr travel kit, and let's take a trip together.

Lisboa, the city of the 7 hills

● Lisbon is the capital of Portugal, also known as "the city of 7 hills", due to its hilly
streets. Experience Lisbon’s charm when you take a ride on tram 28 that winds
through the center of the capital, visiting the Castle of São Jorge and the Sé
Cathedral. Don't forget to walk around Belém, visit the Tower, the Padrão de
Descobrimentos and Jerónimos Monastery, and finish the day with a pastéis de nata
(Portuguese egg tart pastry) and an espresso. A walk through the Baixa Chiado is a
must, with its typical shops and cafes. The café "A Brasileira"preserves its old-world
charm, where you can also find the statue of the famous Portuguese writer,
Fernando Pessoa. If you like nightlife, then Barrio Alto is your spot – it has many bars
and terraces that you can check out with your friends at night. The Rua Cor de Rosa
near Cais do Sodré is a street which, ages ago, was lined with bars for the sailors
who used to frequent them looking for prostitutes, but is now filled with nightlife, bars
and trendy restaurants.


Caldas da Rainha the healthy city

  • Caldas da Rainha is one of the healthiest cities in Portugal, where the queen used to
    go to soak in the hot springs for some self-care. It was here that the first Thermal
    Hospital in the world was established. The city is famous for the renowned ceramics
    of Bordalo Pinheiro, which are very characteristic of the city. Here, you can find
    plates and trays in the shape of cabbage leaves, fruit and animals. If you want
    something more traditional, buy the famous black swallows to put on the wall in your
    house. You can also find the Foz do Arelho beach near Caldas da Rainha.


Sintra, a fairytale village

● Sintra is a small village near Lisbon, which you can get to by car (be careful when
parking) or by train. Sintra is a city straight out of a fairytale, with its Palácio da Pena
at the very top (summer residence of the last monarchs of Portugal), which is worth a
visit just to see its rooms decorated as if people still lived there. A little further down,
you’ll find the Quinta da Regaleira, a magical property where you can get lost in its
gardens and mazes. Visit the village of Sintra and sit outside on a terrace to try a
Periquita pastry and coffee. You can also visit the Mouros Castle.



Coimbra, the city of Love

● Coimbra is one of the oldest and most important cities in Portugal, as it was the
residence of the first monarchs in the country. It was also the setting of one of the
best known love stories of the Portuguese court: the forbidden love between Prince
Pedro and the lady of the court Inês, who was executed by order of King Afonso IV, who
saw this romance as a threat of subjugation to the Castile kingdom. For a long time, the
city was the capital of the kingdom, but later became a renowned site of universities and
public schools. Here, you can visit the University of Coimbra, one of the oldest in the
country and declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In the Monastery of São Miguel,
you can visit the tomb of the first monarch of Portugal, Afonso Henriques, along with the
Monastery of Santa-Clara-a-Velha and the Cathedral of Coimbra. Check out the main
museum in the city, the national museum Machado Castro, and if you want to see the
garden of Inês and Pedro, visit Quinta das Lágrimas. For the little ones, Portugal dos
Pequenitos is a must see, with its replicas of the country's typical houses. End your day
with a boat trip on the Mondego River.

Oporto, the magical city

● Porto is a magical city, with its houses and streets near the Douro River. A visit to the
São Bento Station with its impressive architecture is a must, as is a walk to the
Cathedral and the Torre dos Clerigos. Wander down the infinite stairs and streets in
the center until you reach Ribeira, with its traditional restaurants and shops. If you
dare, take a boat ride on the Douro River and be amazed by the magnitude of the
bridges and the city. You’ll also find the famous Port wine cellars along the river,
some of which are open to tourists. Downtown is the home of one the most famous
cafes in Porto, the "Majestic" café, along with one of the most famous bookstores,
"Lello". Don’t forget to try one of the most typical Porto meals, the famous


Serra da Estrela, the highest point in Portugal

● Serra da Estrela is one of the highest points of continental Portugal, which you can
enjoy during the cold and snowy winter months. During the spring, you’ll be dazzled
by its mountains and vegetation. Climb to the highest point of the Serra to find the
Tower and go skiing on one of its many slopes. Finish your day by enjoying cheese
from the Sierra on a slice of Seia bread.

Óbidos, the sweet city

● Óbidos, just 70 km from Lisbon, is a small fortified city that looks like something out
of a movie. Within its walls, you’ll find a small castle that was declared a national
monument, along with its typical medieval houses. Lose yourself in its narrow streets
and try the famous "Ginjinha de Óbidos" in a glass of chocolate.

Berlengas, the natural islands

● Berlengas is an archipelago, located 10 km from the city of Peniche. It is formed by 3
islands, but you can only visit the Verguenza Mas Grande. In the port of Peniche, you
can take a boat that brings you closer to the island, just a 45-minute ride away on the
Atlantic. These islands are a UNESCO World Heritage Site, so you’ll find nothing but
fauna and flora and small fishing houses. Here, you can visit the Lighthouse of the
Duke of Bragança, which is still functioning, and don’t forget to visit the Fort of São
João Batista on your trip. The island has a limited capacity, and no overnight stays
are allowed.


If you don't like to travel in the winter, after reading this post you might change your mind. Apart from visiting museums or having something hot in a cozy café, what else is there to do on a trip to Germany in the wintertime?

The truth is that it doesn’t matter when, Germany always has beautiful places to visit and explore anytime of year. Not to mention that the Germans have a special interest in issues that are also very important to us: health and well-being.

With that in mind, we selected tips from two of our favorite German cities, so you can discover the best they have to offer and decide what your next destination will be this winter!


Treat your body and soul well in Berlin

If there is something you must do in Berlin, it is spend a day at the Vabali spa. This "oasis" of well-being is a gift to yourself in every way. The place transports you directly to Bali, inviting you to a well-deserved rest in the heart of Berlin.

The spa has two floors and has approximately 20,000 square meters, offering everything you can imagine for a day of well-being: heated pools, jacuzzis, saunas, massages and treatments, rooms with fireplaces, as well as a restaurant with great food at fair prices.

If you are a plant lover like us and if you like cozy places to have breakfast or enjoy a flavorful tea, we recommend the House of Small Wonder restaurant and café. Directly from Williamsburg, New York to Berlin.

With a spectacular atmosphere and great decor, its culinary concept has numerous Japanese influences: homemade food with organic and local ingredients. Homemade bread, croissants and freshly baked cakes are freshly made throughout the day.

In wintertime in Germany, it is very important to plan where you’re going and how long you will be walking outside on the streets. For this reason, the Markthalle Neun is a good option, it’s an indoor market you can stroll through, offering many options of local gastronomy and shelter from the cold weather.

The market has a special concept: "eat and buy in a different way." Suppliers are local producers who know the history behind their products. An artisanal bakery, a small brewery, typical German cake kiosks and a wide variety of Turkish, Arabic, Greek, and Italian cuisine.


In addition, the market offers space for projects that address issues relating to nutrition, agriculture, biodiversity and the environment.


Healthy Fast Food + Day Spa in Munich 

Munich is full of good surprises. One of them is the exclusive day spa in the center of the city: Organic Luxury, a place well-worth the visit, where you can even find Per Purr products among other niche brands.

Focused on sensory and wellness experiences, both in the treatments and in the products offered in the store, Organic Luxury shows that taking care of yourself with high-quality products, combined with the desire to use products without synthetic additives, is no longer a luxury, but part of the routine of many people also concerned about what they’re using on the skin.

There is nothing better than warm soups and broths in the winter, and Germany is the ideal place to have delicious soups. We recommend Urban Soup: a super authentic place they like to call “Healthy Fast Food” in Munich.


All soups are made with high-quality regional and organic products, and they also offer take-out, ideal for those who are travelling and do not want to waste time. And what we like: the soups are served in recyclable jars that you can return there or reuse them yourself.


We also would like to recommend a visit to the beauty center Cremebar Beauty & Wellness, a space with a pleasant atmosphere that offers facial and body treatments, as well as advice from their team of experts.

Cremebar also has an online cosmetics shop where you can find Per Purr products in Munich.

Enjoy these tips, and don't forget to take a Per Purr travel kit with you on your next trip!

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