Tell me what you eat for breakfast and I'll tell you who you are!

Antonio La Paralela
marzo 28, 2021
Tiempo de lectura: 2 minutos

- “Oatmeal is the best breakfast in the world!” - “I love bread with tomato and olive oil” - “Fruit, yogurt and granola” - “Scrambled eggs all the way” - “Orange juice and coffee”.

Tell me what you eat for breakfast and I'll tell you who you are!

For me, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It gives you energy, especially if you have a lot of activities planned for the day. I think it is essential to start the day in a healthy and tasty way. What do you like to eat for breakfast?



Everyone has their own lifestyle, but since we love everything natural, today we want to tell you about some breakfast options that are healthy and energizing.

It is very important to be selective about what you eat for breakfast. We also recommend whole grain products, with nutritious and light grains, and different types of fruits, nuts and seeds.


 1. Hot Porridge or classic oatmeal

I love eating oatmeal for breakfast and I get more creative with it every day. It is very easy:

Heat 1 cup of oatmeal in 100 ml of non-dairy milk over medium heat for 5 minutes (you can also leave it to soak overnight, making the oatmeal easier to digest).

When the oatmeal is ready, you can add chopped mango, blueberry, banana or apple.

Optional: 1 tablespoon of honey, puffed amaranth, coconut chips, dates and a pinch of cinnamon

Tip: For more protein, you can add low-fat curd cheese to the milk mixture.



2. Eggs with soft, creamy yolk + cherry tomatoes and basil

If you are an egg lover and want a savory breakfast, I invite you to try this recipe for soft scrambled eggs. I make it with 2 eggs, but you can make it with as many eggs as you want: 

1. In a bowl, separate yolks and whites. Beat the egg whites well.

2. With the frying pan on medium heat, pour a bit of olive oil and a teaspoon of butter and wait until it melts.

3. Pour the egg whites into the frying pan and mix them with a spatula until they start to set. Add salt, pepper and finally the yolks. With the spatula, mix all the ingredients and then turn the stove off. Put it on a plate and decorate it with halved cherry tomatoes and season with salt, olive oil and basil.



 3. Whole wheat grilled cheese

When I miss Brazil, I like to eat what we call "hot cheese" for breakfast.

You can make it with any kind of bread and cheese. I like whole wheat sourdough breads and fresh goat cheese. 

1. In a pan preheated to medium-low, place a buttered piece of bread face down. Add 2 slices of cheese and another piece of buttered bread face up.

2. When it is golden and the cheese starts to melt, flip the sandwich over and let it cook on the other side. It will be ready when both sides are golden and the cheese is completely melted.



These 3 breakfasts are me! What about you? How do you like your breakfast? What kind of breakfast are you?


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