The beauty of everyday things

Antonio La Paralela
agosto 5, 2020
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The beauty of everyday things

We live in an era in which, most of the time, we turn the focus to our daily concerns. From small decisions about what to eat in the next meal to big issues within the companies we work in, or even our relationships. So many worries. The truth is there is not much to do about that (sorry). We are all immersed in long to-do lists, holding back to fears and scars from the past, and getting anxious about what will happen tomorrow. Unfortunately, this is part of our contemporary reality. But, I’m not saying we all doomed. It can be different - in the details. And I’d love to show you how.

Let’s go a little back in time - not as far as the dinosaurs - just a little. Right before we had the internet at all. And this is not too long ago. Before we were excessively connected, do you remember what we used to do in between items of our to-do list, or even when still lying in bed? In the morning, or at night? Well, we didn’t have social media back then, or crazy WhatsApp groups, or (not) funny memes, spams, and a lot more - as you know. What did we do? Do you still remember? Maybe we had interesting conversations, dinner took a little longer, a book was always lying on our bedside, we just enjoyed the softness of our sheets before getting out of bed, or even looked at our partners lying right next to us, caressed their hair, made love. To them, or even to ourselves. We prepared a nice cup of coffee, to share in bed, or to just drink it while looking out the window. Maybe we called our mother, just to tell her we are alright, after yesterday’s crazy partying. And what is so different right now? Instead of books, we have our cellphone right there. Instead of partners, we have millions of people that we follow, right there. All of them with their interesting lives, that makes us compare to others first thing in the morning. We might still brew a nice cup of coffee, but we are more worried about taking a nice picture and posting it already - so others can look at it from their bed, and think “oh she’s up, and is already having her coffee”. And we forget to actually feel the smell of that fresh coffee and to hear the birds singing out there. We are forgetting to observe, contemplate, to be present. To be ourselves. And really - but really - do exactly what we like to, what inspires us, when we open our eyes.



The fact that the sun comes out every morning is a true blessing. It means the whole system out there is working perfectly. Nature is working perfectly for us to feel alive. To contemplate and be part of it. Every morning brings beauty right there in front of us. 

But, unfortunately, WE are too drowned in our own minds, being flooded with nutrient-free food, by an excessive concern for an image, a lack of truth, authenticity, and vulnerability.

And I say WE - because I am also a human, and although I have a pretty healthy and creative lifestyle, I also slip into these patterns from time to time. However, I have created a few strategies, and implemented a few things as part of my daily routine - that take me out of those patterns, and brings me back to my self. I would like to share with you some of these thoughts and actions, so maybe you, can also feel the beauty growing from within, feel more alive, and connected to yourself every day.

One of the great elements that have this power over humanity is beauty. It has the power to feed us, to move us and inspire us. As the philosopher, Roger Scruton once said: "Through art, and through music, we are able to face the things that concern us. We find comfort and peace in their presence. Through the capacity of beauty, we redeem our suffering. We amplify our joy and find consolation for our sorrows. We find harmony. A point between the real and the ideal.”



Let’s start like this. Do you know that music that you really love? Not the heavy metal that makes you jump up and down (that’s for another moment), but rather music that immediately makes you want to close your eyes, and just feel it - going through your body. I’d like to ask you to turn on that music now - before you read any further. If by any chance, you can’t think of a melody right now, I’d like to share one with you. Click - right here - if you have headphones I’d suggest you put them on (those powerful noise-canceling ones? Even better). And close your eyes until the melody stops.

L i s t e n    t o   e v e r y    n o t e.

When you open your eyes, I’d like you to observe your body. Your mind. Your heart. How do you feel?

Music is one of the most powerful tools for inspiration. It is beauty right there - in our ears, our brain, and throughout our body. Beauty is contemplation. Is appreciation. 

Beauty is love. If we allow ourselves to take off our filtered sunglasses or biased eyes. All we have to do is slow down, observe, and take it all in. And that means, making the time for that. And that doesn't mean, take time to go to a museum or a concert, but rather make time inside your routine, for silence. It's not about procrastinating or being idle. It's really about paying attention to your surroundings. There is composition, inspiration, and beauty all around us. In the food that we intake, in the way, we settle our tools, our homes, in the way we connect to other humans, how we feel a cold breeze touching our skin. Or how leaves and clouds dance with just a little burst of wind. Little insects crawling on the floor, carrying leaves bigger than them on their backs. The way the sun comes into our windows when we open our eyes. The shadows dancing on your wall. Your soft skin and hair, just lying down on your sheets. The warm smell of coffee filling up our lungs.

There is so much to see - and to feel. And it is up to us, to disconnect from the noises around us - even if only for ten minutes in our days - to connect to the compositions and melodies that bring us back - to ourselves. 

Feed your mind, your soul, your body, and emotions with beauty.

Believe me, it is worth it.



Music can be used as a great trigger to train your mind for different situations. It becomes an anchor for you to “fall into a certain emotion” really fast. I use it a lot - and for that I have created different playsuits that immediately take me to certain moods - such as connection to the self, focus to work, to run, to train, to just dance alone in my living room when I feel the need to just let things out. The music you heard up there is part of my playlist that inspires me. That I hear while contemplating nature when I choose not to just hear silence. It is also a playlist that I hear in the middle of my routine - like you did - just to bring me back to the center and to connect to my own inspiration. And I’d like to share this playlist with you - right here. Maybe it’s not the style of music that inspires you, but maybe it is, or maybe it can just be the trigger for you to create your own inspiring playlist. It’s all up to you.


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