What about 2021?

Antonio La Paralela
diciembre 30, 2020
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I’ve been thinking back to December 31st 2019, just before the start of the San Silvestre Vallecana in Madrid.


A 10K to close the year with a bang.


I couldn’t complain – on the contrary! Twenty nineteen was a great year for me, professionally and personally.

My niece was born and I felt love like I never thought I would.

I was happy with Per Purr and our awesome team.

And, everyone around me was healthy.


There were only ten kilometers left to go. Right before the race, I filmed a video with a very dear friend: “we can do anything!”, we said. The joy of that race that was about to start was contagious.



I anticipated the arrival of 2020, 20-20, TWO THOUSAND AND TWENTY.


This year so full of sparkle that we were all waiting for, this year so full of hope. So beautiful to pronounce! This year with its round sounds in which everything would be even better.


But as we know, all 7.684 billion of us who inhabit planet earth, 2020 has not been so great.


Maybe you’ve heard about it?

A pandemic. Something we never thought we'd experience because it sounds like a throwback from centuries past. Something that shouldn't happen anymore because we have technology, right?


PANDEMIC doesn't sound too modern, does it?

The hardest part was trying to keep going when every day seemed like an endless battle, whether it was a battle to stay alive or just to make it to the end of each month. A battle to understand what politicians around the world are playing at. Lockdown: the most feared word of all time.

I, personally, stopped reading news during my lowest moments. It did me a lot of good, but once or twice I found myself poring over the newspapers.


Things were happening to me, bad things, unwanted things.


And the more I thought about it all, the worse everything else became. Until one day I realized – after an unfortunate and upsetting incident in my personal life – that THE IMPORTANT STUFF IS WHAT MATTERS. Nothing else.

I realized that I had to prioritize.



People, work, problems, and upsets.



I understood that life was (and still is) teaching me some tough lessons.

But now, compared to other times in my life, I’m on top of things. I'm handling it. And I intend to keep doing so. No, I WILL keep doing so, like a total pro! Because the problem isn’t what life does with us, it’s what we do with what life gave us.


Take a moment and think about it!


I’m going to repeat the 10 things I told you in 2020 but from a new perspective, in the hope of starting 2021, not virus-free (because that will still be around), but with a different vibe:


  1. Manage your expectations. We can't control everything.
  2. Don’t get frustrated when the best laid plans go awry. Frustration leads to displeasure and anxiety.
  3. Try to be a little less selfish every day. To a greater or lesser degree, we’re all selfish.
  4. You can live with less and still be happy.
  5. Be flexible with others, with your work and, above all, with yourself.
  6. Don't blame yourself when you can't give 100%. It's okay!
  7. Give thanks every day for being free, physically and emotionally.
  8. Thank the people who are fully and forever by your side.
  9. Rethink the meaning of family. What is family to you?
  10.  Be grateful every day for your health.



Trying to follow these ‘10 commandments’ – even though the global situation isn’t exactly the best right now – will help give you the strength to carry on, no matter what!

HAPPY 2021!

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