Why NAAD? Per Purr in Canary Islands

Antonio La Paralela
enero 26, 2021
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Lanzarote: ‘Island of Volcanoes’ and so much more

There’s something special about Lanzarote. Maybe it’s the way it brings together landscapes like the Janubio Salt Flats and Timanfaya National Park’s lunar-like surfaces, or the fact that it’s one of only three places in the world where you can hear the earth “breathe”. However, as its inhabitants have demonstrated throughout history, Lanzarote’s greatest attribute is reinvention.



It’s in Arrecife, the capital of Lanzarote, where we find Naad, a harmonious space run by Dani and Natalia which pays homage to the island’s vibe.


 Per Purr: You’re both immersed in the worlds of art and beauty. Was that what brought you together? When and how did you meet? 

Dani: I’ve been into it all since I was a child. I’ve always liked everything related to cosmetics, creativity, and art. When I was little I liked crafting and dancing, and I was a fan of 90s MTV – I was always watching music videos! In short, I’ve always liked to develop and shape my own ideas as a form of expression. I taught myself to sew by watching my aunt with her sewing machine when I was a child. I studied set and interior design and I like to learn about and experiment with everything related to what I consider to be, simply, art.

Natalia: I’ve always liked everything about fashion, make-up and cosmetics.

I remember trying on my older sister’s clothes when I was little and playing supermodel with my niece. As teenagers, my friends were all really creative and each one had their own look. I started to become interested in makeup after becoming a mother, which is when I decided to give it a go and start training professionally. I really enjoy doing what I do.

 Dani: Natalia and I have been brother- and sister-in-law for 19 years. It was the desire to develop our ideas without having to depend on anybody else that led us to embark on this adventure, doing what we enjoy and are passionate about.



 Per Purr: Why Naad?

 Naad: Naad comes from Natalia and Daniel, two people who both like to create, develop, and enjoy what we do.

Later on, we discovered through a client that Naad also means something in the Yoga philosophy – Naad is the eternal sound wave of creation. Sages and saints have used this sound wave for healing, elevation and awakening of consciousness through the ages. Naad means “the essence of all sounds”. All languages have sounds that relate to one or more of the five elements: air, fire, water, earth, and wood.


Per Purr: What do you think sets you apart and makes you different from other spaces?

Naad: The idea was to create a harmonious space – a beautiful, simple space, with lots of light – where our customers could have an almost dreamlike experience. The most important thing was that our customers feel comfortable, almost like part of the family. We also wanted to offer something new, leaving behind the typical product lines found in every other perfumery in favor of our carefully chosen brands.



Per Purr: Tell us something magical about Lanzarote that will make us want to come and visit. 

Naad: Freedom, peace, harmony... It’s the ideal place to look for and find yourself, as the sun gives us the vitality to recharge our energy day after day.


Per Purr: How did you find out about Per Purr?

Naad: We came across Per Purr on the internet while looking for different, quality products, made with love and high standards. Then, when we tried it, we fell in love with the aromas, the way it made our skin feel, and how it affected our mood during moments of relaxation.


Per Purr: What’s your favorite Per Purr product?

Dani: My favorite products are the gels and detox oil. I love how easy they are to apply, that they absorb quickly, and that they don’t leave me feeling sticky. They leave my skin feeling hydrated and smelling great. I basically don’t need to use deodorant or aftershave – that’s how good it smells!



Natalia: My star products are the shampoos and masks, especially the Marine Clay (Arcilla Marina) shampoo and conditioner, which leave my grease-prone hair feeling fresh, clean, and silky to the touch. I also like the family-friendly moisturizing shampoo; I use it on my daughters and it leaves their hair hydrated and soft.



Per Purr: Why do you think Per Purr is a fit for Naad and your customers?

 Naad: Because customers are, more than ever, looking for natural, quality alternatives to the conventional products on the market.


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