Winter is almost over: lets enjoy it!

Antonio La Paralela
marzo 9, 2021
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Spring is almost here! We’ve been patiently waiting for what feels like forever, and now it’s right around the corner. Hope is renewed and so is our state of mind. Although the days are getting longer and the sun is shining a few more hours, this time of year sometimes feels like the hardest part. The last days of winter drag on, and it seems like we’ll never get to put away our coats. So today we want to pull you away from your winter routine and help you make plans that will have a positive impact on your day.


1. Walking in nature

There is no better way to make the most of cold days than to go out and hike through some natural landscapes. It's a great way to spend a sunny winter Saturday and a fantastic way to connect with yourself, not to mention the fresh air and another outdoor activity option, always appreciated in Covid times. Once the sun goes down, there's no better plan than going home and diving into the world of Netflix.



2. Parks + Botanical Garden

Surely there is a park or botanical garden in your city that you can visit – it will boost your mood for sure. An hour-long walk through a rose garden, or any garden, is enough to feel good for a whole week. Finish the walk with a hot coffee, a tea, or why not - hot chocolate.



3. A home spa day: footbath, bathtub or exfoliation

Have you ever tried to set up a spa at home? A bath with salts is a great way to treat yourself. If you don't have a bath, don't worry – you can make a footbath or exfoliate yourself with Per Purr’s salts and exfoliant. It may not seem like a great mood lifter, but wait until you try it. I can guarantee that either a bath, footbath or exfoliation will instantly improve your mood. “THE CURE FOR ANYTHING IS SALT WATER: SWEAT, TEARS, OR THE SALT SEA" - says Karen Blixen, and I'm telling you, once you create your home spa with Per Purr products, you'll be hooked forever.



4. Dinner and a wine tasting

Relax, you don't need to be an expert in wine or cooking, we just want to open you up the possibility of combining a wine tasting with great recipes to cheer you up. Take your time to research which dishes you would like to try and which wines from which region you would like to try or combine. The sky’s the limit: get creative with it! Go on Instagram, Youtube, write down all the tips, invite who you want and voilà.



5. Try something new!

Try a new sport or a class at the gym. Yoga, Pilates or Zumba, something will surely surprise you. It's always a little intimidating to try something new, a new class, but that feeling of pride you get when you step out of your comfort zone will stay with you all week.



We hope these tips will help you get through the last weeks of winter and into spring with a lot more energy and enthusiasm.

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